Kettering University vs. University of Michigan-Flint

Did you run the Net Price Calculators at those three? I’ve generally heard Kalamazoo to be very generous.

Also, when you’ve toured the various Michigan campuses, were these official school tours or was it you walking around the campus? Did you attend any informational sessions or speak with students or faculty?

Also, what has your experience been with computer science? Have you taken CS classes, participated in CS extracurriculars, etc? The reason I ask is to determine how confident you are that this will definitely be your course of study as compared to whether this is the subject that interests you most but that you haven’t had much exposure to as of yet. (And most students have had very little exposure to most college majors available, so it’s totally okay for the answer to be no.)

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My Silicon Valley-based Kettering alum DH disputes your assessment that no one knows Kettering!

That’s fair. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. Just my impression…I’m in the auto industry and I’ve not heard anyone outside.

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Totally familiar with Kettering. You will get a job at all these schools. But what type of job and where you will be placed can be the factor. It’s good to know what you want and like and don’t like. Regardless of campus etc. It’s important to feel comfortable where you will be. You have 2 good choices. You already know you might get a great opportunity at Flint. Just investigate where people are being placed. Being in Michigan and the new tech boom are the students being hired to jobs /places you would want to end up at. If so and you like the campus then just go there. Grand Valley and Wayne State have been the hot schools the last few years. You will have lots of choices depending on where yuuh apply. You’ve been given some great schools to look into. Like to hear your thoughts when your done researching.+

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I actually have and I have direct contact with one of the members on their student council who is taking Computer Science. They told me that it’s a great school, but not necessarily for CS.

Kettering has direct connections with over 420 companies in 14 states. It’s appealing because during your time at the school you actually get a job at one of those companies, meaning they’re much more likely to hire you once you graduate too.

Many are car related, but included are things like Tesla and Microsoft.

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I’ve run the Net Price Calculator, yes, I don’t qualify for any needs based help.

University/college run campus tours.

While my school does not offer CS classes due to the small size, I have taken CS summer camp classes at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, as well as the fact that I maintain multiple open source projects on GitHub where I work alongside others.

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Sounds like you’ve done your homework. Good luck.

Edit - one thing I’ll add - can’t seem to find an outcomes report for full-time. I see the list of co-op companies - note those aren’t full time and the wages they report are low compared to what i’ve seen from my son and friends (they are all engineers of varying sort).

I would ask the school - and they should have (posted in fact but I can’t find it) - a full time careers report - if you’re spending $40K a year, you want to make sure they are delivering what they promise in their verbal and formal marketing, etc.

Frankly, you can co-op at most any school today (public). Not saying they’re not legit - but I’m shocked they don’t post their outcomes report. If they do, I missed it and my apologies.

Best of luck.