Knox College Early Action!

<p>@KAMmom: we never felt unsafe on campus or in Galesburg. We thought the campus was one of the warmest and most welcoming we visited. Galesburg seems like a typical Illinois farm town whose heyday was about 100 years ago when rail travel was more prevalent than it is now. I would have no qualms about sending my D there.</p>

<p>Sorry to hear that, @dancingwriter. Wishing you the best on your other apps. Thanks for the input, @1518mom!</p>

<p>So sorry dancingwriter! But that just means the Knox was not right for you, you’ll find the best school for you, don’t worry. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thoughts about Galesburg: We’re from NY so location is worse for us than many as I believe there are more direct flights from other parts of the country. The town is a bit more vibrant than it appears to be in the summer (with some really good restaurants) and is in walking/biking distance from campus but the college is so supportive with so many activities that it’s not really an issue, as you suspected. The college is pretty involved with the town between community service and their gallery and theatre in town, they also are building a new Fine Arts Center somewhere in town I believe. </p>

<p>Chicago is a quick Amtrak trip and my older daughter who was at Northwestern when my younger one was a Freshman at Knox took it two or three times for various activities and visits. There are quite a few classes that go into Chicago for class trips which is fun for the kids. Peoria is also within driving distance. Again, it’s sort of a moot point once your kid is on campus and far too busy and involved to need outside campus/town stimulation.</p>

<p>Galesburg is mostly very safe and my daughter has never felt uneasy anywhere. She’s lived in the co-ed dorms, the all girl dorms, and the town houses, and she’s roamed on campus at all hours of the day and night and never felt unsafe. It’s not an issue in my opinion.</p>

<p>They have two Admitted Students Days that I can see - April 3rd and April 17th. They also have an Admissions Open House on January 19th. My daughter is a tour guide and I know they are very busy with tours almost any time in March and April and offer sleepovers too I think. The winter is tricky because of the weather but that’s true in most parts of the country.</p>

<p>My daughter will be home from Denmark in about three weeks and I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions starting in late December. Until then, I will do my best. Like all schools, Knox isn’t for everyone, but it has been amazingly life changing for our daughter. </p>

<p>Thanks, amtc! Wow–Denmark. Sounds very exciting–I assume this is a study abroad? What is her major? One thing I liked about Knox was that it seemed easy to double-major.</p>

<p>KAMmom - it’s more than easy to double-major, it’s sort of a required combination. I believe you need to double major, or major and minor, no such thing as just a major for graduation. My daughter is majoring and double minoring; her major is ANSO (anthropology and sociology) with Creative Writing and Ceramics for her minors. Sociology came out of nowhere when she needed to decide on a major last year, when we were discussing her choices she gave some very solid Knox-like reasons which I will try to consolidate here. She felt that sociology is what gives her the topics and depth of topics to write about for her creative writing pieces (young adult and film/screen writing). It gives her the understanding of people and their interactions in both small and larger groups, something like that. She also feels that writing and ceramics are isolated endeavors whereas sociology is more of a group endeavor. As an introvert, she really needs the creative alone time that pottery gives her.</p>

<p>A brief explanation of part of our love of Knox - because my daughter has some learning issues she is a slow reader and not everything works well as an audio book plus it takes more time. Her feeling is that there is too much Literature for a Creative Writing major and too much Art History required for a Studio Art major so by making each of those a minor she is able to create a program that works better for her. All of her advisors and professors work with her and have allowed her to be able to feel fulfilled in all three areas. It also allows all three areas to interrelate with each other in really interesting ways.</p>

<p>Oh, and yes, Denmark is her study abroad program but I’ve already written too much so if you’re interested feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>KAMmom, congrats to your D! My S is very excited, if his ED reach doesn’t play out, I think there’s a good chance he ends up at Knox.</p>

<p>amtc, how does one get from ny to knox? I guess (hope!) the school runs shuttles to and from a nearby airport?</p>

<p>DancingWriter, :frowning: , I’m sure you would have been a great addition to the knox student body, I recall seeing in one of your other posts (you and my son are applying to many of the same schools), that you’re an international student, maybe that played into their decision. Please do let us know where you end up.</p>

<p>If you fly, you need to end up in the Quad Cities (Moline) or Peoria then catch a shuttle for the last leg to Galesburg. Alternatively, if you’re near Amtrak (and your kid doesn’t mind the hours), there’s a stop in Galesburg. We’ve actually taken Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago (thru Galesburg). They have some wifi and power outlets so you can entertain yourself with whatever electronic gizmo you bring with you.</p>

<p>Thanks, @amtc! That is very helpful! My d is also planning to major in creative writing, which is what initially attracted her to Knox, and she would be likely to minor in studio art and perhaps psychology. I will pm you to hear about Denmark!</p>

<p>@quietdesperation, congrats to your son, too! </p>

<p>quietdesperation - it’s not easy from NY to Knox! A member of the Board at Knox told me that they used to have a shuttle from one of the Chicago airports, I forget if it was O’Hare or Midwood, but not now. My daughter flies into O’Hare (although I think Midwood is the closer airport she’s more comfortable at O’Hare because of her sister’s years at Northwestern) then takes either a bus or car service to campus. She’s shared a car service with two friends in the past and that worked well. She could transfer to a small plane from Chicago to Quad Cities or Peoria and then catch the Knox bus, but we’ve not done that. We’ve talked about her taking Amtrak straight through but given Knox vacation schedule and her inability to pack reasonably light, it doesn’t really work. Oh, and if you have access to a private plane then there’s an airport in Galesburg about 10 minutes from campus. </p>

<p>Because Knox is on a trimester the kids don’t have breaks as frequently as semester scheduled LAC. The schedule is get them there in September, back at Thanksgiving until January, then the short break in mid-March (1 1/2 - 2 weeks), then home again in June. Not a lot of traveling so it’s a small issue, not worth worrying about. </p>

<p>How were you notify about your acceptance? By email? I am an international student and still waiting for mine. </p>

<p>I have a daughter at Knox, so I will chime in.</p>

<p>Transportation is a pain, but not too frequent with the trimester system. The campus shuttle runs to the airports in Peoria and Moline at the beginning and end of each trimester and costs $25. My D needs to come home for a weekend mid-trimester, which is more difficult. We were looking at taking a bus to Peoria, then a cab from the bus station to the airport. There is also a facebook page for sharing rides and I believe a zip car rental. The train station walking distance from campus, but it doesn’t go to Peoria or Moline.</p>

<p>Galesburg would not have been our first choice of cities. My daughter wanted to be on an urban campus in a big city. The first time we saw Galesburg was at the accepted student’s weekend, and we were concerned. As it turns out, Galesburg has its share of small charms like Seminary street, the antique mall and several sandwich and pizza places. She is so busy on campus that she doesn’t miss the things that a big city might offer.</p>

<p>My daughter feels very safe on campus. When I was there with my parents for family and friends weekend, we ran into the security guard everywhere. If my D is off campus at night (mostly at other student’s houses or apartments), she gets a ride back. The students are good about watching out for each other. She is also impressed by the honest behavior around campus. She says that if you leave a notebook or water bottle somewhere accidentally, you can go back the next day and it will be there. There is a lost and found facebook page. </p>

<p>I’m happy to answer any other questions. Going to Knox has been a great decision for my daughter in so many ways!</p>

Honestly just do your research. In the end their money issues scared me away.

in the end, my son decided on oberlin. we’re not sure knox isn’t a better fit academically but I guess time will tell. If things don’t work out, knox will be back in the mix (unfortunately, minus the large merit aid award). we think Knox is a fabulous school.

At least it’s over quietdesperation! Congratulations and enjoy your “last” summer with your son!