Lafayette Class of 2025 RD

Thanks, Best of luck.

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I was accepted, but will most likely not attend. Hope that helps for those that were waitlisted!


Do you mind sharing where you are headed and your reason for choosing other school/schools over Lafayette pros/cons you looked at
. Thanks

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I wasn’t given any scholarships, the cost at other schools is much cheaper. I really like Lafayette I just can’t justify spending that much when I have other great scholarships.


I emailed my waitlist letter. I’m hoping for the best. Anyone else accepted their spot on the waitlist?

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I also accepted my place on the waitlist. I have yet to send them my letter


If any waitlist candidates receive a response, do tell!


I did too. Will send my letter to them shortly.

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Thanks for sharing. I presuming you have other acceptances with $$'s, which way are you leaning? I do find Lafayette pricey too - but then so are most of the other LAC programs. AU does look tempting at a lower cost- but their mix-up with the Honors program notification was a bit of let down and seems like class sizes are bigger there. Thanks

Does Lafayette send any swag to admitted students?

They didn’t a few years ago when my D was accepted. Of course things may have changed. But my D was happy enough with her acceptance letter LOL. And FWIW she had an amazing four years there!

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We consider the big red envelope the best piece of swag! :grinning:

My son just received his RD acceptance letter in the mail today! We live one hour from Lafayette in PA. It was postmarked 3/19/2021. : O I sure am grateful Lafayette posts their acceptances on the portal as well!


Did anyone get off the waitlist or hear of anyone who has yet?

I haven’t heard anything yet, the lafayette admissions office said that waitlisted people could check in at the end of april to see if there’s any updates about the status of the waitlist

My son just declined his spot. I hope someone on the waitlist that can afford it gets his spot! He has not decided where he is going yet but received merit aid at other colleges and Lafayette’s financial aid was not anywhere close to what we can afford especially since we will have two in college.

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My California kid and I toured Lafayette yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Students were lounging on the quad on blankets or hammocks. Every last one of them in shorts. :grinning:

Our tour guide was superb. Only a freshman, but really knew her stuff. And we got to meet the admissions director from our region, and yes, we loooove her.

Long way to say, he said yes! Lafayette Leopard, Class of 2025. I am so darn proud of him! He told me while we were standing under Lafayette arch and I burst into tears. I will never forget that moment.

Thank you all for your support, comrades in the college application journey!!


I am on the waitlist and I’m not hearing anything from the admission office…
Lafayette pls accept me!!..