Laptop vs. PDA

<p>zante... you saying I look stupid?!?! LOL I actually agree and thats why I normally use a bluetooth headset... and that, like my mom says, is "very posh". Whatever, it's functional.</p>

<p>I suggest you get both. Buy a laptop, and the Palm Zire 31. You can find the Zire 31 for around $100 and I loved my. I almost cried when I broke it. Now I have a pocket pc - but I still miss my Zire. It has a color screen and plenty of memory for assignments.</p>

<p>When I had a desktop, I loved and depended on my PDA. When I got a laptop before my junior year, I started using the PDA less and less, and now it's totally not a part of my daily life. That's because I take the laptop everywhere, and it's as easy to pop it open. It's a little more awkward than a PDA -- you can't exactly pull it out while you're walking from class to class, but it functions similarly enough to be redundant.</p>