Late March??

<p>i don't have anymore patience to wait... i want to know!</p>

<p>Oxy has a message on their website confirming that they are mailing decisions on the 25th: Occidental</a> College :: Decisions to be Mailed on March 25</p>

<p>yeah do they send an email or is that they send the letters on 25th?</p>

<p>and does anybody know how they send the decisions to international applicants?</p>

<p>"The Office of Admission will mail decisions on Tuesday, March 25. This year's applicant pool was again among the largest and strongest in Occidental history. We will begin stuffing the packets for mailing very soon!"</p>

<p>oh god... when they say that.. it means nothing comes another rejection :(</p>

<p>"We do not offer admission decisions over the phone or via email. However, if you have not received your decision by April 4, you may call the Office of Admission. Under certain circumstances, we may give the decision over the phone or via email, but only directly to the student."</p>

<p>so, lowsat, i guess they don't send an email.. but maybe if you explain how you've lost your mailbox, so the postman can't deliver mail, maybe you get an email!!</p>

<p>where's the application status check? maybe you guys could give me a link? :]</p>

<p>pinkellow--link here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I sent an email asking them if they notify students via email, and the answer is no...but the point is, if they do send acceptance packages via FedEx/DHL/UPS, you'll receive your decision pretty soon. But if they don't...OK, wait for the snail mail to surface...</p>

<p>ha, good luck to everybody~~and myself:P</p>

<p>oh noes.. here comes the caltech story all over again.. feck :( i don't get it, what's with the california and the snail mail?</p>

<p>Son goes to Oxy, during a visit this week I was told casually by an administrator that decisions go out next week. Last year they were sent via snail mail.</p>

<p>thx fool182 yeah i may use that idea of yours hehe.
april 4 seems to long to wait seems there's no other way out.</p>

<p>heres some reassurance: When I got into Oxy ED in December, I got the acceptance letter a day after they sent it (i checked the postage). I live in im guessing they did air priority mail! Now i don't know if they will do the same with regular decision acceptances, since there are a lot more than ED, but if they do the same you will probably get it on the 26th of March! Rejection letters probably take longer though.</p>

<p>hey guys for international students the decisions will be emailed as well so we don't have to wait till april 4. so all the internationals check your mails from the 25th!</p>

<p>Yup, its today! good luck to everyone</p>

<p>Do they send emails to Internationals today?</p>

<p>Did we come to the consensus that we will most likely receive it tomorrow if we are accepted? Priority Mail?</p>

<p>That's most likely the case, but you kind of have to figure proximity. Since I'm an hour away... I'm pretty sure it will be tomorrow, but for you east coasters, it might be thursday depending on how swift the mail service is. I don't know for sure, just a guess.</p>

<p>Just junk mail for me today (Northern CA). Hopefully tomorrow! Congrats lewis!!!</p>