learning about types of colleges

<p>I found CC and various books (and college visits!) very helpful for refining college campus priorities. The harder thing in retrospect is finding ways to help a student determine major(s) of interest.</p>

<p>[College</a> Match : Dr. Steven R. Antonoff](<a href=“http://schoolbuff.com/college-match.asp]College”>http://schoolbuff.com/college-match.asp) worked for my daughter. She thought that she wanted to go to our state’s flagship university, but, after doing some of the worksheets in the book, she started looking into LACs. She ended up at a school that has been perfect for her. If you click on the link above and look under the “Writing” tab, you can see what the worksheets are like.</p>

<p>ohiobassmom: I am still laughing at the preview of this book on Amazon. Hilarious. Thanks.</p>

<p>Neurotic Parent used to hang out on CC, may still. When I was reading it I laughed out loud so often people stared at me.</p>