<p>when you search your name, do you see class of 2015 next to it? I already paid the deposit and everything. I don't have that next to my name. is it only me? what does this mean?????????</p>

<p>don't worry about that. they change mine all the time. at one point i was "emory college student" and then went to "class of 2013" and then "class of 2012" (which I actually am haha)</p>

<p>Mine says class of 2015. Have you checked recently? Also, my learnlink does not look "updated" so to speak. Does this change once the school year starts or??</p>

<p>once you get your classes and sign up for clubs/activities it will "update". you can also explore and add yourself to conferences but going to the upper menu and adding it to your "desktop" (the homepage of your LL)</p>

<p>I still don't have anything next to my name :/ my downloaded learnlink looks exactly the same as the online version. is this normal? I have a welcome to oxford button even though I'm going to the main campus.. anyone else have this? also, where is the place where you can read people's comments on classes?</p>

<p>This might make me look stupid, but what exactly is learnlink? I mean, I went and read the little page on it on the Emory website, but it didn't really get specific. Is the instant messaging and discussion board stuff for school, or for fun, kind of like facebook? And it says something about adding a new course...do you have to add it for every class?</p>

<p>It sounds like you pretty much use it for everything, but I don't know. Help me out? :)</p>