Legacy Admissions: Percentages, Affirmative Action, & More from NY Times

Neither are your examples offensive. They just showed the absurdity and hopelessness of classifying people (or college applicants in this case) by their ethnicities. There’re too many ethnic groups (at least 650, according to a group of economists/social scientists from Harvard Institute of Economic Research, with many African countries and some Middle Eastern countries being the most ethnically diverse:

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I agree but that might make “things” harder to quantify. What these “things” are, I’m not really clear on.

As for legacy, I’m in favor of private universities doing whatever they like but losing their special (exempt) tax status.


They appear to be based on pre-existing race classifications as people tended to see others as (and sometimes apply racial discrimination against).

Of course, formalizing such often informal subjective classifications for whatever purpose will encounter situations where definitions may not produce a matching result, or may not produce a result that fits the purpose.

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Frankly, I’m surprised that you’re surprised. I pegged you as a kindred spirit rabid fan of Division 1 cfb. We won’t be having any more program debates in light of this new information. :smile:

Are you referring to legacy or affirmative action admits?

Which group is more likely to major in STEM vs ethic or gender studies?

I was referring to only those admits who clearly wouldn’t be admitted without substantial preferential treatment from all preferred groups, not any particular group. I’d specifically exclude all those who could be admitted on their own merits within each of these groups.