Less popular/not as well known musicals you enjoyed

Saw “Kimberly Akimbo” on Broadway a few days ago. One of the few times I saw a musical knowing nothing about it. I laughed a lot, cried some and thoroughly enjoyed it.


A number of friends who see absolutely everything felt that was one of the best last year. It’s on my list!


@twoinanddone - I’m so sorry you didn’t like it! I feel bad now. I guess I’m just a moody GenXer and this hit all my feels :slight_smile:
As for Bright Star, I’m so so sick of it. Not to say it isn’t good - it had the misfortune to come out the same year as “Hamilton,” so it received short shrift in the awards department.
But my S23 was the lead in last spring’s musical at his high school AND at the same time, my D19 was the stage manager for her college performance. I think between the rehearsals and performances I’ve seen it 10 times this year.


We saw Jagged Little Pill with the original Broadway cast and had a similar reaction. The performances were terrific, but the book was problematic. We’ve see Lauren Patten in Fun Home as well as JLP—what a star! She sang “You Oughta Know” and brought down the house.

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Don’t feel bad, @gatormama, you gave your opinion and it just wasn’t my favorite (and it was only $28 because of special cultural district tickets). I admit I like the fluff in musicals.

LIke with @gotham_mom , the performances were good. A friend said “It’s the arts. Try things, find what you like. It’s all good.”

Tonight is A Little Night Music.


The Last 5 years, Jekyll and Hyde, The Drowsy Chaparone, and the Sponge Bob Square Pants musical are all I did not think I would like but actually really enjoyed.


Just went to Beautiful at a regional theater. It was really very good in a very nice theater. Highly recommend it.

A little Night Music, also a regional theater (but a level up?) was also very good.

I didn’t see Beetlejuice, although I understand Lauren Boebert doesn’t recommend it.

Actually she does but missed the ending. If you go, tweet her what happened.

I doubt she could tell you 3 things about Beetlejuice. She wasn’t paying attention and was just being disruptive, and is now trying to apologize with comments about what a wonderful event it was.

Most of the ushers at the theater are older, working it as a retirement job. I’ve never seen them have to deal with people like this, just sometimes asking people to turn off phones or maybe stop talking. I feel sorry for those around her who had their night at the theater ruined.

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Yep - vaping, telling a mom she’s a loser and birding the ushers on the way out.

You’re in congress - like no one is going to notice?

She clearly had no idea that the theater had infrared cameras (not did I and have been to that theater dozens of times - big brother is always watching).


There are so many great ads her opponent can come up with :slight_smile:


I just tried “The Goes Wrong Show” this morning after I read your rec. It is hysterical! Thanks, I’d never heard of it. Definitely a gem.