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Should we start a new thread for 2018? Think this one from University of Georgia meets the criteria: Foundation Fellowship -

Should we start a new thread for 2018? Think this one from University of Georgia meets the criteria: Foundation Fellowship -

Nope! I missed the bit about being AUTOMATICALLY granted. How do I delete? New to the group.

The Foundation Fellows is a VERY competitive Stamps foundation scholarship. Nope, NOT automatic.

Ferris state university in Michigan offers a full tuition scholarship

@GoCubsGo719 - Do you mind sharing where your daughter got a full tuition/housing scholarship. Thank you!

Would Webb Institute qualify? Every admitted student receives full tuition. They only offer one degree Naval Architecture and Marine Egineering, BS (abet accredited) tiny incoming class sizes of 25 or so. “current enrollment of only 94 students”

Is there an updated forum for 2018? I’m applying to colleges right now.

@iiMimic - I don’t think so. We just worked off that list. Make sure to read through the whole thread though because there are updates. Good luck!

Thank you!

With no geographical preference and assuming the same quantum of financial aid, could someone please suggest which one of the below is preferable solely based on the quality of its ENGINEERING department and reputation with industry i.e. ability to get a job later.

Alabama State University
University of Alabama-Huntsville
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Tuskegee University *

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Louisiana State University - Shreveport
Louisiana Tech University
University of Louisiana-Monroe

Oakland University

Alcorn State University
Delta State University
Jackson State University
Mississippi Valley State University
University of Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi

Lee University - Cleveland, TN

Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical University
Texas State University
Texas A&M - Kingsville

Utah State University

If the student is interested in an engineering major, check if the desired major exists at each school (some do not have any engineering majors).

Also, some of the scholarships have changed (in recent years, changes have generally been less favorable to the student, as in scholarships getting smaller, requiring higher thresholds, changing from automatic to competitive, no longer being offered at all, etc.). Check on school web sites to see what the current offerings are.

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Sometimes on this forum we get questions from DACA and Undocumented students living in the U.S. I came across this resource which I think is good. It is a listing of scholarships for DACA or Undocumented students. I am providing the link so that this information is available for such students.

If you are a DACA or undocumented student, be sure to stay on top of this website since they add new scholarship information all the time.

updated as of July 2017

Regarding scholarship and low cost colleges, this is an interest video that outlines the dollar value of a single point on the ACT!