Looking for Full Tuition/Full Ride Scholarship

Dd made it to the finalist round for a full ride at UNC Charlotte!!!

If you know of any good threads for interview tips, please share!


I know 1 current (my mentee) and 1 former Levine. PM if your kiddo would like to connect.

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Dd was selected to join the McCollough Medical Scholars program at U Alabama. It’s a cohort of 20, I believe.

She will have to let them know by March 4 or lose her spot. I think this will be before all scholarship info is in. I am not sure how to advise her to weight this against potential scholarships and how to navigate this. Could she ask for an extension?


Congratulations to your D on the McCollough Medical Scholars offer.

I don’t think there are any extra scholarship $ with that, do you know? Have you received your FA offer from Alabama yet? They might extend the offer, it can’t hurt to ask…when will all of your D’s decisions/FA offers will be in?

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One can always ask for anything. Receiving a favorable reply is another thing…

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I have not seen anything that indicates there’s an extra scholarship with McCollough. So far, she has received auto merit from Alabama and is waiting to see if she gets any competitive merit.

I am not sure when all offers will be in, but I was thinking we’d know everything by March 31.

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