Looking for schools that meet need

Run the NPC. Having the information will help your student be realistic with their college list. If you don’t qualify for enough need based aid because of investment properties or whatever, then your list is fabulous and your son will have affordable options with the high merit schools.

Graduating debt free is way more important than prestige hunting.


YES!! We shifted our entire train of t hought over the last year from going to a top school/well known, etc to getting the best financial package he could get and graduating debt free. So, will he end up in Dartmouth - nope, not likely - and that is OK. He’s a great student and a great kid, no athlete but lots of other strengths, including kindness, empathy, perseverance and self-motivation. He’ll succeed wherever he goes. Our financial situation may preclude him from going to a top tier school but it won’t preclude him from succeeding. I just want to help him find the best fit for him, where he will be happy and successful and where he can have great professors, great internship/future job possibilities, etc.

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How much can you afford out of pocket per year?

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@circuitrider has given you a comprehensive list of schools to consider. This is an outstanding list.

Nevertheless, the list does not include Indiana University which is well respected for both business & health management. Indiana awards lots of merit scholarships through the Kelley School of Business.

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Honestly, not much - I have 2 kids starting at the same time! My daughter is going to go local here in CO, and that will be about $15k out of pocket after taking into consideration the FA package (although that may change as the package was done for next year but she is deferring a year and doing one year at the community college). So, between 2 kids I can do about $20k and will likely cash out some from my 401K to do so, I don’t want loans. My kids may have to do small loans, will both do work study but I’m not willing to do big loans for me. They each have some 529 money, enough to cover 1-2 years possibly, depending on FA package.

ASU Barrett/Carey is an outstanding choice with or without financial aid. If he is accepted to that program don’t look back. A college coach telling you your son would be selling himself short at Barrett would lose all credibility in my sight. It’s among the top honors colleges in the country as I have posted about many times.


Kelly is on my list (see original post). Son doesn’t want to go to Indiana but he will apply. They only give out up to $11k for OOS I believe, though, which will make it unaffordable. But, he will apply. Thank you! :slight_smile:

My thought as well! Thank you for the validation. We were going to visit this summer but it doesn’t make sense to go when no students are there, as he won’t get a real flavor for the school. I think he’d prefer the Tempe campus but the Business Administration major is out of Poly, I believe, so he’d likely do a different business major for WP Carey. I love this school, so this makes me feel good. He’s most likely going to go UA or ASU. UA is stronger in the sciences, so if he prefers to switch back to a pre-med focus, that would likely be a better choice. But if he wants business, then ASU is better (I think).

Any NPCs that don’t ask for investment property value may be inaccurate. Unfortunately the level of debt on the property doesn’t matter to some schools.

Run Vandy’s NPC here and let us know the answer (they do consider net value of investment property): Vanderbilt University - Net Price Calculator


This list is awesome, thank you so much!

Do you know, do any schools do a “free application” day - I just don’t want to spend thousands on applications - on the other hand, I want my son to have the best chance of finding “his place and his people”.

To the best of my knowledge, Indiana University offers merit scholarship awards which cover tuition, room & board, fees, and a mentor.

While Kelley Scholars is limited to residents of Indiana, the Fry Scholars scholarships & other merit awards are not.

The best source of information would be the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


Colorado usually has a free application day for all public unis…your S’s GC should be able to help. Is your S on free/reduced lunch? If so, he may qualify for some free apps. Also, make sure he signs up for emails from the schools on his list and does virtual admissions sessions…sometimes those who participate in these lists/activities will get a code to submit the app for free.


Don’t compare ASU to UA, compare Barrett to UA. Whichever discipline your son chooses, Barrett will win every time, even in the sciences. ASU is one of the largest/strongest research universities in the country, and Barrett ties its students directly to the brain trust of the larger U. Barrett is also considered stronger than UA’s honors program by a wide margin.


I’ll have to do this later, I’m at work now and can’t do it right away.

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Yes, but that is only for the 2 CO schools he will apply to, and he doesn’t want to go to either of them. I’m hoping other schools have free app days as well

OOH, I did not know that (about doing the virtual admissions sessions and possibly getting the app for free) - thank you!!

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I will leave the FA discussion to other posters- who are VERY wise in this area, so OP you are in good hands.

A couple of thoughts though about “Business”-

1- He does not need to major in Business, and therefore, does not need to eliminate schools he’s excited about which are affordable just because they don’t have a Business school or major. Down the road he can get an MBA if he’s so inclined (especially if he’s working for an employer who will pay for it) with any major. I was a Classics major- and ended up in what was then a top 5 MBA program for what it’s worth.

2- If he’s numerically inclined and is interested in public health, health policy, any of that nature, a statistics major will make him HIGHLY marketable across a wide range of fields (and gives him flexibility to do something else entirely if he decides to take a different route.

3- There are some really good 1 year or 1 year plus Master’s and certificate programs in data analysis, again- great prospects in health, but lots of other options as well. And a much shorter route to a well paying career than med school!!!

4-Do some serious thought on taking out of your 401K/IRA. Your kid can always get a loan for college (even if you don’t want him to borrow and that’s not the plan right now). NOBODY is lending you money for your retirement- nobody. The current limits- 27K in total for four years of college- mean that a kid who knows how to live frugally (which sounds like your kid) AND can get a job after college, can pay back the loan without living in a cardboard box.

5-Give Rice another look if it might be affordable. I have never heard comments like the one you posted about fit- and I think the college system does a great job of building connectivity and community among kids who might not ever meet on another college campus.

Your kids sound great!


https://webapp4.asu.edu/programs/t5/programs/AreaOfInterest/04/undergrad/false lists the business majors at ASU. You can filter by campus; the main Tempe campus as a number of business majors available.

Does he have National Merit or College Board Recognition (what ASU calls “National Scholar”)? If so, then ASU scholarships may be quite good. But they may not be as good otherwise: https://scholarships.asu.edu/estimator

UA list scholarships here: 2021-2022 Incoming First-Year and Transfer Tuition Scholarship Awards | Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid


Hey, just wanted to mention that Dartmouth is need-blind for US citizens. Plus, students from families whose household income is less than 125 k per year get full scholarships, without loans. So, your son’s odds may be better than you think.


We won’t find out about the National Merit until fall. I know he’s a contender. He did ok, not great - it was early this year after not being in school for 7 months and… he’s in top 1% but it depends on what the cutoff is for CO… I don’t think he’ll make it but who knows… UA has better merit aid plus has the IB Scholarship. I think, right now, UA is going to come out ahead financially BUT ASU may be the better fit… so he will apply and once offers (hopefully) come in, he will have to see where he best sees himself.