Looking for schools that meet need

Ah, didn’t know that. Bummer. Before my son enrolled, we didn’t know what would happen with Covid, so we go it in writing from FSU that they would cover the scholarship in full if the state ever pulled it. They were very forthcoming in doing so. Incidentally, UF told us flat-out they would not cover it.


What got cancelled? I thought benaquisto wasn’t on the chopping block. Did that change?

wow @BMC9670 - that’s awesome!! Congratulations!

Benacquisto for OOS students has been chopped as of yesterday.
Benacquisto for FL students and Bright Futures are under threat but okay for now.
There should be more precise updates on the respective specific threads.

which program was cancelled? The NMS program?

Yes, the scholarship program for NMFs at Florida public universities. It was called “Benacquisto”.
However the program continues to exist at other universities.

That really will put a damper on some OOS high achievers from considering the FL publics. Oh well.

Someone reported on another thread that both UCF and USF intend to fund OOS NMFs at the same level as before….we will know for sure in the next month or two.


Wrong. Under $125k still has to pay room and board (very expensive for a school in the middle of nowhere). Plus, Dartmouth has shaky need-based aid; they’re famous for reducing it during your four years there.

But this student no longer had a sibling in college at the same time. In most cases, this will result is a reduction of need based aid.

It doesn’t sound like Dartmouth stiffed this student. It sounds like she didn’t understand what would happen once her sibling was no longer in college.


True. However, I can say with both first-hand and second-hand experience that Dartmouth very frequently increases your EFC over your four years there even when there are little to no increases in your family income.

Most colleges that meet full need expect a larger student contribution as the years go on.

It wasn’t just the student contribution that increased – my parent contribution skyrocketed.

I would suggest Rhodes College in Memphis. They are very generous with merit and financial aid to attract top students. They have a partnership with St Jude’s for internships which is ideal if he does decide to do pre-med or health policy/administration. I remember reading they also have internships for students at St Jude’s on the marketing and business aspects of running a hospital. The COFHE list is excellent but many of those colleges are high reaches for everyone!

Like the student in the story? No sibling in college? Parent income increased? Assets increased substantially? Income went over the threshold for higher need based aid?

Did you get a special circumstances consideration that didn’t apply in subsequent years?

You don’t have to tell here…but as in the story linked above, there is usually a reason for increased family contribution at a college that meets full need.

But this is getting very off topic, so I won’t be continuing this discussion.

To the OP….you have received some excellent suggestions. This student has good stats and should be able to land a decent merit award someplace.

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My son is not going to apply to Dartmouth. So that takes that one away. Basically his list includes:

U of Arizona
CU Boulder
U of S Carolina
UT Austin

He’s knocked several off his list…