Louisiana Tech or go out of state --Engineering

Interestingly, I think my son and 3 of his friends (all GT, SAT scores all 1400+) have gotten into the Honors program at La Tech and decided to attend (all for Engineering). They were not only impressed on the tour but with what they have observed on social media, including activities and organizations and participation for COES students, dining (apparently food matters a lot to a bunch of teen guys! LOL), cost (each of them qualify for significant merit and OOS is waived). They are each (for now) interested in a different genre of engineering, but have talked to a friend they have at Texas Tech who is doing things completely differently for COVID and has not had the greatest freshman experience there. I think La Tech’s size and the commitment to their COES programs and students really swayed them.

@onette. That’s great to hear. My son will probably go to Louisiana Tech. He is waiting to see what kind of merit is offered from LSU and the remaining out of state schools. But the fit at Louisiana Tech just feels right to him. As a parent there is some concern making sure he finds his people but it sounds like there are plenty of kids there that are high achieving students.
And yes he picked his dorms based on the proximity to one of the cafeterias.
He will be in honors college.

My son and his friends are planning to stay in honors dorm. They will not get to choose until January 19, based on when they submitted housing apps. Is your son in the honors dorm?

@onette. He was able to select him early on the first day open. But he chose the Dudley A suites. It was kind of confusing there’s honors dorms but apparently honors options within the suites as well. You may want to check.

Dudley Suites is the honors dorm, I believe. I think there is another Dudley Suites option that is not honors also. But Dudley honors is where they are trying to be. They can’t choose until Jan 19, so hopefully there will be choices still! :slight_smile:

There’s a Dudley dorm as well. Gotta pay attention and not accidentally choose the wrong one.

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