Low family income but high number of assets

They’re going to compare your family’s situation, with a large amount of home equity, against someone whose family doesn’t have that equity. They could reasonably expect that your family access that equity in order to pay for college, with a home equity loan.

For this reason, be sure to make low-cost options for yourself. In-state public schools. Also apply to public schools that give merit to students with great stats (Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, etc).

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to all the UC’s that I applied to aside from Berkeley and waitlisted at UCLA. So I have very good options!


@thumper1 Got back my aid today and its… $0! Full pay at USC, yay :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Oh boy! Well…you have the UCs which are fabulous colleges at such a great price. Did you get your aid from them too?

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Sorry to hear that, but not at all surprised. USC expects you to tap the equity in the properties, in order to pay the tuition. This is why the flagship state U’s across the country have become so much more selective. Upper middle class families have decided that they don’t have to pay 75K/yr for private college, when they can often pay 25-30K/yr for public college. I hope you made public options, too.


From what you’ve said so far, this was the result I expected. As you said, your parents have the ability to pay for it. That they (and you) would prefer they don’t pay for it is not going to matter much when it comes to a university’s FinAid offer.

The great news is you have a great price to attend several UCs you’ve also been admitted to. Congratulations!


I’m curious. It’s June. How can this still be going on, this late? Didn’t a final decision have to be made by May 1st?

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OP is a transfer but the SIR date for UC transfers is June 1 so hopefully they accepted one of the UC schools while waiting for the USC aid package???


@thumper1 @parentologist @EconPop @Gumbymom To everyone in this thread, I am transferring from a community college. I’m not sure that the price tag at USC is worth it, but I was fortunate enough to get accepted into every UC (rejected from Berkeley and waitlisted LA). In the meantime, I SIR’d to UCI (almost full ride). But if UCLA accepts me, I’ll go there.

Thank you all for the support! My family and I have lots of talking to do :slight_smile:


UCI for business is an excellent option, especially at “almost full ride!” Even if you have the resources for two full-pay years at USC, it makes more sense to grab that almost-free undergrad business degree from UCI and pay USC for a masters program instead. In addition to their MBA programs, they have a whole range of targeted masters programs, including one in Finance that can be completed in 16 months - three semesters plus a summer internship.

Good luck and congrats!

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I agree!
UCI Business for 5K or so is terrific, then if your parents have money, after you’ve worked a few years, use that money to get the most prestigious MBA you can get into.

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