Low GPA and High SAT, What Do?

•3.5 UW
•4.1 W
•freshman year- 3.0 sophomore year- 3.6 junior year- 3.9
•sat- 1490 but will most likely take one more time
•enrolled in IB, will have diploma by graduation
•200+ volunteer hours
•part-time job
•qualified for regionals in track (2 years)
•1 year of theater
•2 years varsity debate
•2 years JV basketball
•Spanish Honors Society
•Mayor’s Summer Internship (competitive in my city)
•middle-upper middle class (90k household income)
•large inner-city school in CT
•Prospective psychology major
Looking into unis like Wesleyan, Reed, and Colgate; smaller liberal arts colleges. What colleges seem right for me- and which are too selective for my stats? (reaches, targets, safeties)

Reed looks like a good match.

3.5 in IB + 1490 would make most LACs ranked ~45-65 would be good matches, 25-45 reaches, and 75-125 safeties, with the 66-74 group low matches. Plenty to pick from :slight_smile: Express a lot of interest (fill out the Request info form, click on messages they send, email questions they evoke to your regional rep).


Are you an underrepresented minority? If so, you can reach higher. Definitely apply to UConn (yeah, I know it’s huge, but it may wind up your cheapest and best option) and ECSU as safeties - Eastern has a small LAC feel to it. Add U Hartford to your safety school list. They have a strong psychology department, and will probably offer you a very substantial merit scholarship. You shouldn’t expect merit aid at any of your reach and match schools - but you might get some financial aid.

What kind of money is available for college? Are your parents married, or together? Either own a business, a home?

You should get some idea as to how much financial aid you can expect from some schools you are considering and if you and your family can cover the difference. Financial constraints are a big issue in college options.

The most important schools on your list are the sure things you can afford. After you get covered, you can play the field and see what schools will accept you and what financial aid and scholarships you end up getting.

thank you for the responses guys

See #2
What’s your EFC? budget?
UVermont, Penn State, tOsu may be safeties if you apply early enough (August).