LSU Early Action Admissions Fall of 2023

Have you gotten anything yet? I’m praying!

No word yet. I’m losing hope.

I just called admissions and now they are saying mid April for final financial aid notifications. I’m really tired of being in limbo, but as someone who worked as an adjunct college professor for two decades I suspect they are waiting for some of the really competitive students to reject their offers so that they can offer that aid to other admitted students.

No decision yet. Long wait.

me too. Did you get anything in the portal? I have Transformation Merit NonResident and loan amounts, but we really don’t want to take out 30K in loans! Was hoping for just a little bit more.

Wow. Mid-April? Discouraging, but makes sense about waiting for competitive students to reject.

We received the financial aid notification in the portal (all loans) but no scholarships so far.