M&TSI 2019

Hi everyone! I couldn’t find a thread for M&TSI 2019 yet, so I decided to make one ! How do you all think you did on your applications?

Accepted at LBW here. Waiting for M&TSI.

Hey! Still waiting on results. Does anyone know the acceptance rate?

Did anyone receive an invitation for an interview?

You have to accept LBW by April 5th, you can not wait for M&TSI

Does anyone know what the M&TSI acceptance rate is? (or was in previous years)

No interviews for M&TSI, but the decisions are being released tomorrow!

wait-list, are there still hope?

@aila1029, do you receive the offer?

Has anyone gotten a decision letter yet?

Yeah, I got mine at around 11:00 AM today

@SupahZ congrats!

Does anybody know if M&TSI will accept students from wait-list?

@SupahZ, what is your essay talk about ? thanks!

Does anyone know the acceptance rate for this year? Thanks!

waitlist gang

I got accepted! Do you guys know how many people applied?

Can somebody post the stats of students who got accepted to M&tsi?


wow its been a while but no one has created an m&tsi 2020 thread so I’ll try my luck here…
in the app there was a question asking you to list the ap courses you took, but apparently you could also list extracurriculars and awards as well? I didn’t realize this until after I submitted my app; will that put me at a disadvantage?