Marist 2025

so early next week you think?

Saw on a fb post & my daughters friend got an acceptance

I submitted mine SO early, October 28, nothing yet, I am so bummed

Why haven’t I received mine yet? Should I email just to make sure I didn’t miss anything?

It is up to you! I know I just wrote but maybe your counsellor could give you a more informed decision as to when exactly to expect it.

Have you checked the portal to make sure they have everything?

They are sending out a big at a time. 12/1 was the deadline for ED/EA

Yes the whole application was completee November 1st. I sent an email this morning just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Mine will probably come this week, they have thousands of apps to read so I understand

same here, my whole application is complete

guarantee sometime this week. I also emailed the admissions office just to double check…up to you though!!

did you hear back?

No and I am getting really frustrated. I called admissions today and they said my decision is still under review and I will receive a decision “in a few weeks to a month” when all these people here who applied EA and not even a month ago got their acceptance. This is totally unfair. and I applied ED, when I should be hearing back first

not sure if its a good sign, but my daughter received offer to apply to minor in music and receive $2500 scholarship. She applied as a business major…

My daughter received same email.

My daughter got the same

My son as well re: music scholarship

I got that same email as well

got an update, my application is with the Learning Support Program I applied to, which is why I haven’t received a decision yet. Will be getting it early next week! Feel so relieved !!


Yay, I am so happy for you!

I just got my acceptance. So excited!!!

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