Marist College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

On the Marist Portal where do you see info on Merit award? We already know her amount we just wanted to see it on portal

Under Financial awards but you need to wait for a card to come with IT logon. Can’t remember when it came.

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Still no word - applied ED right at deadline (NJ)

No word here either. Applied EA late October, Communications Major from NH.

The college is now closed till 1/3

Same here, I emailed them and they said they would be sending them out weekly for the next couple of weeks.

My son got the letter from the technology dept and set up his account and we still can’t find any information on the portal that gives any merit or financial aid information.

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Merit came with acceptance. Financials will post later. You will get notified I can’t remember the date. In mymarist go to self service banner then student financial services & select the term


Did Merit award come in email or regular mail? We got an email acceptance but doesn’t mention award money. We are traveling so don’t have access to our regular mail just yet.

Regular mail

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I believe if there is no mention of merit in letter, then there is no scholarship or merit being offered.

I saw some also received an email acceptance, in addition to snail mail. My DD never received an email just the letter, hmm? Also, I saw on myMarist there isn’t a drop down option yet for 2022 financial aid. So maybe in January aid info will be available.

We got a letter from techology dept with user and p/w and said to check for financial info but there is no info for 2022-2023

Any word on Accepted Students Day?

It’s all on their website. There appears to be 4 full day programs to choose from in early April.

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