Match my S23, good (but not great) scores, rigor, recs; below avg ECs; homeschool

Not just great programmers- but great conceptual thinkers for lots of different roles. Nobody handles ambiguity like a philosophy major!

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UMass Amherst. I don’t know if it’s possible now, but as of 4 yrs ago, it was possible to take the intro Comp Sci classes and if one did well, get into the major. He could apply for music, get accepted with honors, and still take data science or comp sci once he’s there, and get into the major.

RPI will give him some merit money, maybe enough to bring him below 50K/yr, but it’s a bit far from you. I think you and he would be more comfortable with him closer to home.

UMass Amherst has great support for non-neurotypical students. If he goes, get him set up with disability services early, before school begins, with a specific counselor whom he has met with. If he plays a band instrument, some kids find marching band to be a good ready-made social community.


Have you thought about Roger WIlliams? It has about 4k undergrads, so a bigger pool to find his people, but not a huge institution, either. It would also definitely fall into budget after merit aid. There’s no “data science” major but there’s applied math and philosophy and other majors that could work.


Don’t think I’ve even heard of it! Going to look it up right now… Thanks!