Match schools for a male Asian US citizen [4.0UW/4.5W GPA and 1560 SAT] interested in mechanical engineering and or Electrical engineering [NY resident, 4.0 unweighted GPA]

These are some schools that you may want to look into. They all offer the engineering majors of interest and nearly all have good music programming as well. They are sorted by my fallible guesses as to what your chances might be. As you expressed a preference for mid-sized schools, they’re all between 3-10k undergrads (though I’d urge you to also send an application to Binghamton, about 14k undergrads).

Extremely Likely (80-99+%)

  • Missouri Science & Technology: About 5500 undergrads
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology: About 9k undergrads
  • SUNY New Paltz: About 6100 undergrads
  • The College of New Jersey: About 7k undergrads
  • U. of Alabama – Huntsville: About 7100 undergrads
  • U. of Dayton (OH): About 8400 undergrads
  • U. of Denver (CO): About 6200 undergrads
  • U. of Hartford (CT): About 4k undergrads

Likely (60-79+%)

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic (NY): About 5900 undergrads
  • Santa Clara (CA): About 6100 undergrads
  • Southern Methodist (TX): About 7100 undergrads

Toss-Up (40-59%)

  • Bucknell (PA ): About 3700 undergrads
  • Lehigh (PA ): About 5600 undergrads
  • Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ): About 4100 undergrads
  • U. of Rochester (NY): About 6800 undergrads

Lower Probability (20-39%)

  • Case Western (OH): About 6k undergrads and make sure you show them a lot of interest.

Low Probability (less than 20%)

  • Carnegie Mellon (PA ): About 7100 undergrads
  • Johns Hopkins (MD): About 6k undergrads
  • Northwestern (IL): About 9k undergrads
  • Princeton (NJ): About 5600 undergrads
  • Rice (TX): About 4500 undergrads
  • Vanderbilt (TN): About 7200 undergrads

You have a chance at any school. The problem is that there will be MANY students with similar stats applying to too few schools. Thus the odds are tough.

The secret is finding schools where you can meet your goals that you know you’ll be very likely to get into.

Your success will be based on your effort and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you, not the name on your diploma.


Science and Math taken:
AP Physics C, College-Level Multivariable Calculus, AP Computer Science A, AP Calculus BC.

Science and Math currently taking in the senior year:
AP Chemistry, College-Level Linear Algebra

Highest level science and math couses my school offers : AP Physics C, College-Level Multivariable Calculus, College-Level Linear Algebra, AP Chemistry.

I don’t know my rank. But I guess 5-10%?

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NY publics with mechanical and electrical engineering include:

  • CUNY City College
  • SUNY Binghamton
  • SUNY Buffalo
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • SUNY Polytechnic

In addition, some others have one of mechanical or electrical engineering, but not both.


I’ve updated the thread title with both UW and W GPAs.


Will you have taken 4 years of classes in each core subject area (Eng, Sci, Math, Soc Studies, and foreign language)? You’ve taken bio, correct?

I also think you will be a competitive applicant. Make sure to demonstrate interest at the schools where that is required, and you do need at least one affordable safety school that you’d be happy to attend…what school is that?

You’re a competitive applicant - if you want to throw your hat at some some reaches go for it. Then figure out what you’re looking for and narrow down targets ands likelies that you’re excited to attend.

Above you mentioned merit and as you’re a FIRST alumni, take a look at the database and see if any of the schools you’re interested in offer scholarships. They ] vary tremendously from a token $500 to substantial merit money. When we were looking in 2020/2021 - RIT, University of Rochester, and Ollin all had substantial merit offers.


MIT and Stanford, and some other similarly highly ranked universities, are a lot of work. There is a lot of homework and classes move fast. You also get to learn an enormous amount and will find a lot of opportunities. You also will get to meet quite a few students who are “like you” in ways that matter (such as how you approach math and engineering problems).

Some students find these top schools to be stressful. Some students love it. Some students love it and hate it at different times, or even at the same time. Personally, as an undergraduate student I loved it part of the time, and found it to be too much part of the time. As a graduate student, I was older and was ready for it. As a graduate student I loved it.

If you want to do it, specifically if you are okay with working that hard for four years, then I think that it is worth it for you to apply to these two schools. Make sure that you also apply to safeties.

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Thank you.

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Yes. I have taken all classes in each core subject area (Eng, Sci, Math, Soc Studies, and foreign language), including bio. All I have taken were either honor classes, or APs, or college level courses.

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