math placement exam

<p>You have to have done well enough on the trig part to place into 140.</p>

<p>I only got 50% right on the Trig part and I got into 140. I got 100% on the first two sections, 73% (I think) on the 3rd section, and 50% on the Trig section. I also finished HS with pre-calc.</p>

<p>I just took the math placement exam. It wasn't that bad but I did study for it through sparknotes. But what I found that was really weird was that the part 4 of the exam gave me 40 minutes and not 30 minutes to take the test. It didn't matter any way because I finished in about 13 minutes but it was weird. Also, if anyone can answer this, I was wondering if the message that stated "the time limit has passed for this exam. contact your advisor" for the test was also supposed to be stated for the directions? Thanks. Wish me luck on my score:)</p>