Maximum amount of loans

<p>Thanks everyone for their input.</p>

<p>Gardna: It's not much of a conclusion, but more of an estimate. I'm making 60k right now as a developer. People in a management position in my industry usually make $80k. </p>

<p>MD Mom: I did get a nice $10k/year grant from this school! :) Unfortunately, it's still not enough.</p>

<p>mom2collegekids: Thanks for the reality-check. I was so excited when I was accepted that I told myself I'd take whatever loans I'd need to make it happen. I'm starting to realize that I'd be miserable paying back that much money... IF I were approved to begin with. Maybe I'll wait a year until my visa status clears up and go with federal aid.</p>

<p>General Question: How much do you think is a reasonable loan for a 2-year MBA program? 40k? 50k? I need some realistic insight.</p>

<p>maquizzo--This is what I know about MBA programs: my husband went to one. He did his while working full time and having someone else pay the bill.</p>

<p>There are so many MBA programs that are designed to be completed while you are working. Have you looked at any of those? I love the someone else pays the tuition option.</p>