McGill Decisions Class of 2027

Thank you very much. I don’t know their historical cutoff, but my gpa was 5.7/6 and TOEFL 110. No APs because I’m international.

Does someone know if McGill gives scholarships with the admissions letter? I didn’t receive any but was awaiting one. I am not talking about the major scholarships, just a smaller one.

I got notified about mine an hour after I was admitted, it came through an email. Otherwise, you can also probably check the scholarships section of the applicant menu to see if you’ve received the entrance award.

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My daughter is pushing to sign on the dotted line at this point. She had three great acceptances elsewhere this past weekend, but they haven’t diminished her resolve at all. And she’s rightly pointed out that even a potential National Merit Scholarship won’t bring costs down to McGill level. I suggested we wait till the weekend to fork over the deposit, but I think the writing is on the wall :canada:

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Does anyone know what currency McGill uses for their international student info? I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s already converted to USD or if I need to do that myself (tuition estimates, entrance bursary, etc). Nothing I’ve found online suggests an answer and their websites aren’t very clear either.

Everything I’ve seen, including at an admitted students meeting in the US, has been presented in CAD. Since US students are only a fraction of their international population, I don’t think they’d present in any one particular international currency.

Alright, that’s what I was thinking. Thank you!

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There were some very pleasantly surprised parents at the meeting, once the currency was clarified. That’s an uncommon sentiment in such discussions! :smile:

Hi, just wondering if a lot of Faculty of Arts acceptances have come out for Ontario students. It seems to be taking forever!

Canadian students are the last to receive decisions due to emphasis on grade 12 marks.

Ok thanks for the heads-up .
Fingers crossed

My daughter got her McGill acceptance today! (Nutrition at the MacDonald campus) Finally! Does anyone know how long it will take them to provide a financial breakdown? We are US international


Daughter just got her acceptance today ( email came yesterday but she missed it )
Arts. From Ontario. She is thrilled. Good luck to all.


I have a big problem. Please anybody advise me.

I have a 1520 sat and am applying from Europe for a major entrance scholarship. I don’t know whether I want to submit it (optional since I’m not from USA and already got acceptance to DeSautel).

Should I send it? I also don’t want to pay 20$ more to send scores that could be sent via email

I think the deadline has passed. For applicants from schools outside of Canada, the deadline was January 21.

I did apply earlier than this date but now I’ve been back and forth with the office for review. King story short, I’m wondering now whether or not to send my SAT

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It may be worth sending it if you are above 730 in both subjects.
I know this is for US applicants and you are applying from Europe but, may be worth it!
Best of luck!

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I have 800 in math and 720 English. Hum hum, now I’m even more confused whether to send haha

In that case, I would omit based on this unless you meet any other category.