McGill, Texas A&M or U of Toronto Engineering??

Hi, I am currently trying to decide between TAMU, McGill and University of Toronto - I would be going to all for chemical engineering and am considering a minor in petroleum engineering. I thought I would come here for any advice or experiences that anyone would want to share about these schools. Right now I am leaning towards A&M since I feel Texas would have stronger / more numerous job opportunities over Canada. But the new atmosphere and social scene at McGill really draws me to it, and it’s also a great school. For reference, I have lived in Texas for the past 6 years but I’m actually a Canadian citizen (not US). Thank you!

You will be able to get a job in Texas from any of those universities. The career counseling at Canadian universities is not as good as US universities. U of T will have more of a multicultural vibe than just about anywhere. Any of the 3 would give you a great education.

I would ask yourself, where do you want to live for the next 4 years? Do you like cold and snow? (I’m Canadian - I know it’s not cold all the time, but when it is…)D16, who goes to school near Toronto, just texted me that she’s out of tea again. She just can’t seem to get warm, even with expensive new boots and a parka. Do you want a new environment? What is the difference in cost to you? Would you get homesick?

I don’t agree that U of T will have more of a multicultural vibe than McGill. More of an Asian vibe, maybe. McGill is about as multicultural as it gets.

I think career counseling is overrated. In any event, a ChemE degree from any of those schools will be well regarded.

Check how competitive secondary admission to major for your desired majors is at Texas A&M.

How does cost compare?