Mentioning homosexuality in app?

<p>Hi Sybbie :)
I'm still in Hanover! I've been working here for the summer. I'm done with my job tomorrow, however, and will go back to Wyoming on Sunday for 10 days. After that, I'm going to Taiwan for a few days and then backpacking across Thailand until school's going to be amazing!</p>

<p>How are you?</p>

<p>Sounds great have a safe and happy journey. Me same old same old working everyday for these few pennies they throw at me so that I can give them to Dartmouth so D can continue having a wonderful time with you and the rest of the 08's. </p>

<p>Her- job finishes next week, she will do some shopping then go off to hang out with some friends a few days, come back home pack and make her way to Hanover on labor day to begin UGA training. She has spent most of the summer complaining that she has not found any sushi in NYC that is good as Yama's. She misses everyone and is almost ready to come back home</p>

<p>thanks appro for the advice... I can't believe this forum is still going! I love a little controversy...</p>