Merit at University of Arizona

Update. My dd was accepted today, three days after we submitted her app. OOS, so 35k per year based on her GPA. Now waiting to hear from honors college, though it should be an automatic admit based on national merit.

It feels very relieving to have “one in the bag” so to speak.

congratulations, it does feel good to have one down!

I wish they didn’t remove the SAT score component in the scholarship evaluation. Based on criteria from last year, my daughter would have been awarded $30,000 and now since it’s based only on GPA, she was awarded $20,000

For those whose kids have already heard from U of A, did your kid get an email? My son applied last night through the Common App, so he doesn’t have an account yet with the school. How do you track your application if you applied through the Common App?

You get an email link that allows you to log into their portal. You monitor your application there – they will tell you the status your of your application on the portal.

we applied in early August and the notification came so quick! maybe 4 weeks

not 2 days for us, but maybe that is because it was one of the first schools we applied to, she is not going but great to have one down

us too, the removal of ACT resulted in less $

Daughter applied through Common App and learned of acceptance via email about a week later. $20k merit award.

How is the gpa calculated for merit? It says 6th semester core gpa. Will they count HS classes taken in middle school? What about a marketing, finance, econ or AP Psych class - counted or not?

For those whose kids got into U of A, did they submit the Common App essay?

Also, re the U of A honors college, do you know whether the Common App essay is considered? The honors college lists what will be considered for admission, and the Common App essay is not included. My son applied to U of A without submitting the Common App essay and will apply to the honors college, but now I’m wondering if he should’ve submitted the Common App essay. It’s too late now, so I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that neither his admission to the school or the honors college will hinge on the Common App essay. His stats are very good-3.97 uw gpa, 35 ACT and 11 AP/Honors classes.

My dd did submit the Common AP essay, but the instructions clearly said it was not necessary. She just thought she would because it was done, and so why not? I don’t know about whether it is needed for honors or not since she is an auto-admit.

Your son’s stats look great…You’ve probably already seen this from the UA honors college site about the profile of their honors students, but I’ll stick it here anyway:


To give you an idea of our typical admissions profile for an incoming honors freshman, below are the averages for fall 2019:

3.89 unweighted core high school GPA
1423 SAT score (math and critical reading)
31.1 ACT composite score
9-12 Honors/AP/IB classes taken in high schoo

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I also am sad to see the ACT/SAT component removed from the criteria. My DD finished her junior year with a 3.87 but a 35 ACT, which would have garnered $30k per year but now only $20k. Her net price still shows as $25k but the calculator has a disclaimer that it hasn’t been updated for Fall of 2021 Freshman. So her real price is $35k as an out of state student. At that price, it’s unfortunately not a bargain. For $25k, it’s worth looking into. What brought her GPA down the .03 that cost her $10k per year is her dual enrollment Multivariable Calculus class she got Bs in. Not sure how they figure core gpa, but guessing that class figures in.

OMG! This same exact thing happened to my daughter this month. I can’t let it go. Her best friends with no honors or AP’s got more $ than her. The worst part is that she was able to take her SAT her Jr. year. Her score was pretty good. But because they aren’t factoring in the SAT this year due to covid they gave her even less merit money. I am so angry!!

My son has the same situation. We actually visited Arizona in person. My son had already taken the SAT and had a UW 3.7 and W 4.45. Admissions told him he’d get 20k per year. He applied and after removing the SAT he was offered 12.5k a year. Not Ok. He was leaning towards Arizona but at 43k per year it’s no longer in the cards for us financially.

Can anyone tell me if I’m reading this right or if I’m too literal:
“GPA calculated is based on 6th semester core unweighted high school GPA (4.0 scale).”
Are they really saying they base the entire scholarship decision on the sixth semester only? Like, not six cumulative semesters (9-11th grade) but just the sixth semester?

Too literal, it’s the core unweighted high school GPA at the conclusion of the 6th semester (end of junior year).

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OK I had the same question but figured it out when my daughter received her scholarship.

Average the subject areas (see link below) for courses taken 9-11th grade. HS courses taken in middle school do not count. Also, if your student exceeds the minimum # units for any subject (for example my D21 has 4 sciences but they only need 3), take the best of.

no. its calculated base on the cummulative of the 6 semesters of high school. 9th to 11th grade