Miami of Ohio Early Admissions Fall 2022

My daughter attends Miami University. If your son/daughter applied for Honors, they may get an additional $1-2K in the spring, but otherwise, we did not find that Miami sends any additional merit at a later date.

Thank you. Miami is leading the list in our house, just weighing the options.

Is there any rush to put down a housing deposit? Son is still very undecided but I think Miami is a top contender. Just want to make sure we’re not missing anything

Freshmen students at Miami are assigned a room by the University. They can choose a roommate prior, but the actual residence hall building and room is assigned and there is not an opportunity for freshmen to choose. Certain LLC’s (Living Learning Communities) have been in the same residence hall for years, but some of those also change locations yearly. I really do not see a benefit to rushing to put down a housing deposit.


Awesome. Thank you. Now I remember that from our tour. These schools are all starting to blend together.

My daughter was accepted for biochemistry. She is concerned about the sorority “vibe” there though and the perceived lack of diversity. I’m hoping she gets into the honors college, which might be more her speed. What kind of research is she doing? We went to the science day and took a tour of the biochem building. She was impressed!

My daughter has been doing breast cancer research now for 2 years. I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what they’re doing because when she talks about it she uses all these biochem terms that I’m clueless about lol. There’s 4 of them in their group and they’ve been working with one of the professors. He was actually one of her professors for a class she had last semester and is her mentor professor for her masters program. Students will generally interview with a professor to do research with them. My girl loves her sorority, but if your daughter isn’t into that, there’s so many other opportunities. I think about 30% of students are Greek. There are professional, community service, music, and honors co-ed fraternities, which are totally different than social frats and sororities. My daughter is in a premed fraternity too. It’s definitely a different vibe, but she loves it. I would recommend checking out Miami University Hub. It lists a lot of the different organizations on campus.

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Do you think it’s possible to enjoy Miami without going Greek? That has always been a large part of their reputation, but I can see how many other opportunities there are on campus. You get out of it what you put into it I’m sure…

I am an alumni and absolutely yes you can have the best time without being Greek. In fact I had few friends that were Greek, 70% of students aren’t! Plenty of other stuff to keep you engaged


A student can definitely enjoy Miami without going Greek. My daughter has many friends who aren’t Greek as well. Other than just joining organizations, MAP also organizes so many activities and events for students to participate in. I would suggest if you or your student has Instagram, follow some of Miami’s organization pages. You can get an idea of some of the social events they do on campus.