Middlebury Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

yes yes sure, but umm I’ll try my best to cover them all in a short letter, thinking of making a video or powerpoint something…

I’d send a physical letter - someone has to actually read it and engage with it - as well as video or ppt.


Would the video differ from the letter and how so? Or would it just be another way to reiterate excitement about the school?

I can’t say, honestly. But as a part-time lecturer (not at Midd), I’d observe that you’re going to spend most of the next four years writing your thoughts. So, though video is fine, I’d be more impressed if you can show me how crisply you can write, emphasising clarity of thinking and prose. It need not be florid (and indeed, it should not be).

Hope that helps.

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Many thanks, unfortunately I live in Europe so letter is not really an option… I am making a PPT though!!!

Why not? Send it express mail.

England is in National Lockdown things are super uber slow at the moment…

For Middlebury, they said “Our deposit deadline is May 7th (I HIGHLY DOUBT IF SHE IS LYING THIS IS A ■■■■■■■ WEIRD DATE) after which we will begin to assess how much space we have in the class of 2025. ’ll keep you in mind if we are able to take students off the wait list this year. (Able to hmmm just sound a bit unconvincing).” I wonder if this is a good sign? I am a Chinese and it seems like that Middlebury has admitted way too many Chineses this year…

My daughter is one not taking her space because can’t afford it so someone off wait-list with get that space. :slight_smile:

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Thanks; I mean… Yield rate prediction… Who knows…

Fingers crossed that there’s waitlist movement!

Midd looks like they accepted quite a lot of folks off their WL the past couple of years (around 20% of their WL people). This is quite good! Good luck, I really hope you get in (fwiw, I am not going to attend Midd so that’s another spot!).

Unfortunately that’s not how this works. They have very complex models that estimate the draw rate/number admitted who will attend that accounts for accepted students who ultimately don’t matriculate. An accepted student declining matriculation doesn’t necessarily open a spot for someone on the wait list. They accepted 1,446 students for regular decision and 425 for ED I and II. The anticipated class size is 620 in the fall and 100 in February. So doing the math, if they get 295 of the 1,446 who were accepted RD to attend, they will have a full class. Some defer and summer melt is a thing, so they’ll likely need more like 350-400 to accept their offer.


This is true, but if Midd was already at the point where they needed to draw from their waitlist, another person declining their spot would open up another spot from the WL. Of course, 1 decline doesn’t necessarily equate to one accept from the WL, but that’s the general theory.

Did anyone hear of anyone at all getting off Midd waitlist? Seems weird that they haven’t communicated at all that they are full when most other schools have…don’t they know what fall looks like by now?

No, I haven’t heard anything.

Someone on another thread reported getting this reply from Middlebury regarding the waitlist:

“As of now, our Class of 2025 is looking close to full, so we may not see much (or any) wait list activity. We will certainly be in touch when we have an update as to where things stand.”