Middlesex, Brooks or Lawrence Academy

Thanks for the feedback, after going to the revisit did you send your child their?

no my son chose to go to Groton

(but I really loved Middlesex)

Was there any main reason he choose Groton over Middlesex?

Hi, Where did you end up deciding to enroll him? Our son will be at Brooks as a 9th grade boarder next year :slight_smile:

congrats. Brooks is a great community

Hello, Congratulations on your son committing to Brooks. I hope he has a great experience. Ultimately, my son choose to commit to Middlesex but I will offer that it was very difficult to choose between Middlesex and Brooks.

Best of luck!


Wishing you the best at MX, I’m sure our paths will cross again!

Thank you, same to you at Brooks. He is my oldest of four so I am sure our paths will cross.

My daughter is a smart girl and developed such confidence attending Lawrence Academy. I saw the self doubt become controlled and saw a true leader. She made life long friends and loved the school. Lawrence allows you to strive and succeed in every way! My daughter has graduated and is now attending Dartmouth College. She was well prepared and I could’ve picked a better high school!