Middlesex Q&A / Discussion

Great stuff. I will definitely add MX our list for my young kiddo. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Groton is a pressure cooker, even the brilliant kids are getting by on a fine line of making everything work. Any little thing that can derail that balance is basically a disaster.

However, for some kids who are really academically motivated it is still the right place - those kids would be bored at the other schools you are mentioning because the pace just wouldn’t be fast enough for them. Those kids are the top 10%, for everyone else at Groton it probably isn’t the best situation for them, unless they are super satisfied with the 85 average. The thing is every parent thinks their kid “who has never gotten a B” will be in that top 10%.

Faculty and staff are universally kind at Groton and the kids are super collaborative - MANY classes are set up so that you must work with the other kids in your class to succeed.

I haven’t met anyone at Groton I would consider elitist. The billionaires’ kids are some of the most humble kids on campus. And several of those kids are also geniuses so they have a lot going for them, still incredibly kind, humble kids.