Minimalist packing for the over-packer

The wheels count towards your bag size (some airlines make everyone place their bag into a sizer before boarding - BTDT!). I would try to find a 2-wheeler instead of the 4-wheeler, something like this but lighter:

Having that same problem with an upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland. The trip back is on a Regional to Dublin, then on to the US. We’re hoping to carry a couple of clothing changes in case our bags get lost, and are resorting to backpacks.

I’m not wanting to spend $300 on a wheeled bag that meets the requirements. Also the weight of a rolling bag takes up a lot of the 10K weight allowance.

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Also, for the puddle jumpers two things to remember:
They can often substitute another model plane. Not all of the planes can accommodate ANY bags with wheels. The European puddle jumpers (and Greek islands/Virgin Islands/etc) often have smaller frames so you won’t be able to get the bag on unless it’s squish able. My advice, underwear, essentials ( med and makeup, razor) and bathing suit in your purse of tiny bag.

With a squish able bag you can move it around and often “make it fit”. The bags with wheels get checked last minute if they don’t fit or the flight changes.


I’ve ordered this bag from Best Buy. If we don’t like the sight of it we’ll return it. Even though its title says 19", its dimensions including wheels are 18 x 13 x 8, the max allowed. It’s $120.

We have a month to sort it all out.


Some airlines’ carry-on weight limits are only 7kg (even in larger aircraft). Some roller bags use up half or more of that even when empty.

Yes, I think I was thinking of the larger bags on international flights. The limit for our regional is 7Kg. Most rolling bags I looked at weighed about 6 lbs, just about half of the limit.

Any other time I wouldn’t be concerned, but I’m worried that our checked bag will be delayed.

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I got this for one of my daughters to take on the trip. It’s 25% off right now.

I decided to send it as a gift for her upcoming birthday, since they have that option which includes the ability to attach a personal video with the text gift notice that is sent. That created a problem since the shipping time for a gift (we found out after she accepted the gift) is up to three times longer than if I’d just purchased it with her shipping address!

I had to purchase another one to make sure she got it in time for the trip! And she can’t return the first one because she’ll have no receipt and there’s a chance she might just end up with a $10 exchange voucher! Good grief. I told her just regift the second one to me or her sister later, lol.

Actually, the 7kg limit was on an international flight on an Asia-based airline. Seems that that limit was fairly common on Asia-based airlines at the time.

A 2021 list of carry-on size and weight limits can be found at Is There A Carry On Weight Limit?

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Oh, right. I didn’t catch that in your earlier post. Wow.

I think the lightest bags are IT luggage. I have a carry-on thats only about 3.5 pounds. Love it!


I second your suggestion of IT bags! Lightweight but very sturdy. Q

Smallest IT luggage bag is 22 inches, so would not work for the “regional airline conundrum”

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The lightest IT bags tend to be a little flimsy. An alternative is the TravelPro Maxlite 5 carryon, which weighs about 5lb. Or if price isn’t a factor, then there’s the Rimowa Essential Lite carryon, which weighs about 4lb.

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Can’t believe the prices these days but I have a Scott travel vest (Scott eVest) that I bought years ago on a sale. I think you can practically go without luggage when wearing one because there is a pocket for everything. They make them 16 to 42 pockets (even with iPad pocket). Mine even had a pocket on it’s back that I stuffed some clothing. Nice thing is you can load it up and it doesn’t show that you have anything extra on. The biggest drawback is it can get incredibly heavy especially with electronics (but that saves a lot of weight in your luggage if that’s a concern).


When really tight for carry-on space, I stuff the zippered cover of a neckie pillow, in place of the leaky blow up insert. This works best with a biggish item, not a lot of small stuff.

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I like to bring accessories like jewelry, scarves, etc. They really help dress up or add variety to an outfit. That way I can just bring a few outfits and change it up with a nice scarf or necklace. And jewelry and scarves don’t take up much luggage space.


Every time I see those vests, I laugh a little, one because it’s such a great idea and two, because I hope I never get to that. Rather go without than have a vest with umpteenth compartments that’s designed not to appear stuffed. Maybe it’s just me. But I find the entire design and item hilarious.

But wouldn’t it be useful if you have to use an airline that charges for, or does not allow, carry-on baggage?

Sorry but I’d pay for a bag before wearing one of those vests.
I have a trip coming up in October and I want to be a minimalist packer since we will have a combo of train travel and rental car plus several accommodations with stairs and no elevator.

Oh yes, it’s totally useful. I just know my kids would have a field day. And frankly, so would I.

I think one of my husbands friends had one and used it. Told me all about it. He was the proto-typical geeky guy. Left an impression.
I wouldn’t mind paying for a bag. But that vest is a definite No. I like to have some sense of style. LOL. Still laughing about it.

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