Minimum Wage Must Be Abolished!

School teachers are not paid much because there are too many of them and they are not very specialized.


<p>Quite the sweeping generalization. A truly effective teacher who does their job well--not just another goober who needs a job and happened to get educated somehow (unfortunately more than needed are like this)--is very, very specialized in more ways than just the subject matter he/she is teaching.<<--unfortunately your economic laws don't account for this reality...because more often than not, these teachers are extremely underpaid in correlation to the actual net benefit they provide to their students (who go on to make positive changes in the world due to the effect of this "one special teacher" in first grade, etc.), while the Kenneth Lay's of the world are out providing a specialized benefit to society, taking us for MILLIONS!!!</p>

<p>GoldShadow: Greed is good, and no one should be forced to "benefit society."</p>

<p>Yes, Greed is good, relentlessly selfish greed is not.... just ask Enron/MCI what they think of their selfish greed now. However, their greed did cause one huge industry to grow even bigger--accounting :)</p>

<p>It's not the difference between greed and relentlessly selfish greed - it's the difference between rationally self-interested greed and hedonistic greed. Ken Lay was hedonistic - he did not stay rational, and in order to continue his own greed, he committed crimes against others. That greed is NOT good.</p>

<p>I think the cut-off between good/bad greed is the point at which somebody puts others in harms way with his/her personal greed. Once this occurs, then the greed goes from good to bad. </p>

<p>"Harms way", as I intend it here, doesn't just include physical harm. As an example, if a person puts their pursuit of money over the funeral of their son/daughter, brother/sister, mother/father, then that is putting someone in "harms way". I'll even take it a step further...If a father is a CEO, and is making millions, and puts his pursuit of a little bit extra (a bonus or so) in the way of attending to his son/daughters' <insert any="" event="" that="" is="" important="" for="" a="" child="" to="" have="" their="" father="" attend=""> something...then that greed is bad, IMO.</insert></p>

<p>Eh... that's entirely subjective. I mostly agree with you, but not absolutely.</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>I think the government should pay everyone the same income. Not!</p>