Miscommunication in my Recommendation and Counselor Letter to UPenn, Duke, and Northwestern

At the beginning of my senior year I was intending to pursue a biology field due to familial pressures but then I realized that my credentials and accolades looked better in the social sciences field. Also, I am just overall more interested in social sciences than I have ever been in science. I decided to switch my intended major to international affairs, but after I submitted my applications I realized that my counselor and one of my teacher reccs mentioned biology in my letter. They told me they didn’t talk about it heavily but they did mention it as an interest. I am scared colleges will feel like I lied to them or am contradictory in my application. Should I send them a letter explaining this so that they can better understand my application. I already sent these applications in to UPENN, Duke and Northwestern and since these schools are competitive wouldn’t it be better to send the letter as they usually place importance on these letters ? HELPPPP #panicking

It sounds like its not that big a deal. If your ECs and major(s) are in the social sciences, then them just mentioning Biology as an interest makes it seem like you’re well-rounded. If they mentioned Biology as your passion and said that you’ll be an amazing scientist, then you should worry.

By worry do you mean send an email or just have a panic attack and do nothing about it ?

You are overreacting. If you send an email about this, it’s simply going to draw attention to something that isn’t a big deal. Most students have varied interests, and colleges know that students change their majors all the time.

Do nothing.