MIT Admissions Fall 2022

My son submitted his application on Oct 28th and he got the email today.


Finally son got the email today, it had come in yesterday, in spam folder. The EC would like to do the interview today!

Good luck to him!

That’s really nice. I think they will be wrapping up with recos soon enough. Good luck to him!!

thank you for the wishes. The interviewer was an elderly person, very nice to chat with, made my son feel very comfortable. The interview lasted an hour.


Good to hear. Best wishes to your son.
Which region are you from?

thank you. We are in NJ, near Princeton. Since it’s an area where you can find a lot of MIT alumni, we were much worried about not getting interview email for several weeks. Thankfully tt’s past us now.

:+1:t3: Always good to see someone else from Jersey here :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it can be very stressful when it seems like everyone else is getting interviews/decision notifications and your kid is not. But glad it worked out.

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Does anybody know when MIT early action decisions come out? Supposed to be mid-December, is there a specific date, like pi day for regular decisions?

Yes. But it varies by year, and has not been announced for this year

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Thank you

Hi, my daughter applied for early action but I did not fill out the CSS profile. I just realized from your post that it is due by nov 30. Does that have an implication on the admissions process. I filled out the FAFSA form though.

I’m just another mom of an applicant so don’t know for sure, but I don’t think a late CSS profile would affect her admissions decision, since MIT is need-blind in their admissions.

IIRC there was a checklist that listed whatever documents were needed for admissions. My D had also gotten an email letting her know what was missing for admissions, so I’d think they would’ve let your D know if she needed the CSS for that.

But it says on their site that the forms were due Nov 30 in order to get a financial aid award by mid-January, so I would submit it ASAP if you want financial aid: How to apply for aid | MIT Admissions

Good luck!

I doubt the case if not filling out FAFSA/CSS would affect admissions as these are need based aids and are processed by Student Financial Services. Though there must be some connection of getting an approved aid vs acceptance. We are full pay (529), didn’t fill out FAFSA or CSS for any application so far.

No. It may, if accepted, delay the FA notification


Thank you, that helps

Ok, that helps

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I agree - not submitting FAFSA/CSS won’t impact admissions at a need blind school like MIT. The admissions office does not get to see these forms at all.
We too have not (and don’t plan to) file these forms.

In fact I was concerned that in some schools filling out these forms might have negative impact on any merit based scholarship, UPitt for example - they said that these forms don’t affect their merit based scholarships. Of course I am not sure, this is just from discussions with friends…