Mom is not my name

When my mom was going through her multiple doctor appts, many of the forms asked what she wanted to be called. Everyone looked at the form and adjusted accordingly. Seems to me that’s a win-win for both the medical place and the person.

Don’t all places do something similar?

At school I called a student, “Blueberry” because that’s what he told me he wanted me to call him. Makes no difference to me. I have all kids tell me what they prefer if they have a preference. I also tell them they can call me whatever they like, and as long as they don’t use “idiot,” “moron,” or something equivalent we’ll get along just fine.


I’ve always been D1’smom, D2’smom. I actually cringe a little when kids call me Mrs. last name. Outside of school, I always told kids to call me Miss first name. The girl’s friends have naturally lost the Miss/Mr and just call us by our first names. That’s how we like it. Our girl’s have always called adult friends by first name with Miss/Mr and no one has complained.

DH and I always refer to each other as Mom/Dad when the kids are around. Otherwise we use names/nicknames. If DH wants to annoy me, he uses my full name!

Now that my kid’s are college age, it might bug me a little to be called mom by people I don’t know well or doctors, as my “mom” role has kind of ended. They are on their own, adults, I’m not responsible!!!

Wouldn’t bother me at all.

Interestingly in the early years of marriage/childbirth, I used to dislike being called Mrs “Smith” by my OB-Gyn and staff. At that point, that felt like the name used by my MIL … didn’t feel like Me yet. But they preferred the formality.

In middle school, my son was friends with fun kid with a complicated Polish last name. By that age it was easy for students to know first AND last name of pals, refer to most parents as Ms/Mr “Smith” … but everybody referred to that Mom, a wonderful school and community volunteer, as Mrs K. Even in conversations at our house, DH and I said Mrs K (and still do, when reminiscing).

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