Most APs you have taken/will take

<p>Nice APs guys, it makes me wish I did more.</p>

AP World History (awaiting score)
AP Human Geography (awaiting score)</p>

AP Calculus BC
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP English Language
AP Computer Science</p>

AP English Literature
AP Physics C
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP Chemistry</p>

<p>AP Spanish Language (considering)
AP Environmental Science (considering)</p>

<p>NJGirl- It is pretty scary. I'm in a regional district and our revised budget approval depended on all of the sending towns approving. ONE town tabled it and sent it back to Trenton. State approval on it is actually to be decided today and I'm dying to find the results.</p>

<p>I'm in a regional district as well so we were in the same situation, but thankfully (or maybe not so much...) all of the sending towns did end up approving the revised budget so it didn't have to be sent back. However, the only program that actually affected me personally wasn't kept anyway so although I feel a little selfish saying it, it didn't really make things much better. A lot of other groups at school had their programs frivolously cut as well though, so it's not just me. My school board has serious problems with prioritizing.</p>

<p>So I guess for both of us, sucky districts + a sucky governor = pure suckiness all around. But I hope the results for your district work out favorably :)</p>

You're actually on track since you took all the AP courses offered by your school. Apparently, colleges value that. Unfortunately, my school offers over 23 AP courses and I honestly can't take that many over the course of my high school career.</p>

<p>There were only a couple of other APs I would have liked to take. If I could have reasonably taken it, I would have added AP Biology, but I figured it was overkill. I would have liked to have self-studied APHUG, but I didn't know about self-studying until it was too late.</p>

AP Calculus AB (self-study) 5
AP Chemistry 5
AP World History 5</p>

<p>Junior Year (Awaiting for this year's scores):
AP English Language and Composition
AP Physics B
AP Calculus BC (self-study)
AP European History (self-study)
AP U.S. History
AP Statistics</p>

<p>Senior (Tentative):
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics (self-study)
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography(self-study)
AP Environmental Science (maybe self-study)
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Physics C: Mechanics (self-study)
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (self-study)
AP Japanese Language and Culture
AP Biology</p>

AP World </p>

AP Euro
AP Psych</p>

AP Eng. Lit.
AP Chem.</p>

AP US Gov.
AP Macro
AP Bio
AP Eng. Lang
AP Calc BC
AP Art History
AP Human Geography</p>

<p>8th grade:
Human Geography (5)</p>

<p>9th grade:
French (5)
Chem (5)
Calc BC (5)</p>

<p>10th (this year):
Physics C: Mechanics

<p>11th grade (next year):
Stats (self-study)
Physics C: E&M
Eng. Lang</p>

<p>12th grade:
I don't know if I'll do anything else if 12th grade -- maybe Eng. Lit, maybe the gov exams, maybe Spanish Lit., if I have time. For 11th and 12th grade I'll be at a math and science school, so classes with no related AP exam will take most of my time.</p>

<p>I just don't understand how someone can take 20 Apes. I mean, why even bother going to college if you know everything already. Just go to grad school :p Anyways mine:</p>

<p>Sophmore: AP Euro</p>

<p>Junior: AP Lang/comp
AP Chem
AP Biology</p>

<p>Senior: AP Lit
Honors research (senior research project makes it impossible for me to take any AP history class even if I wanted to :(
AP Calc
AP Physics
AP Stats</p>

<p>I would love to take psychology, or world history, or economics, or music theory, but my school only has 70 students per grade so there aren't very many classes.</p>

<p>I would self-study, but my school makes us take apes at our school and you can't take AP tests in classes you're not in. (trust me I checked)</p>

<p>My school's selection is very limited mostly up until senior year, so:</p>

<p>Freshman/Sophomore: none</p>

US History</p>

Calculus BC
Physics C: Mechanics
Physics C: EMag
Computer Science
English Lit/Comp</p>

<p>very few people take more than three a year at my school, the courseload would be unbelieveable. also, unless you take compsci as an underclassman or ap euro as a sophomore, all aps are for upperclassmen</p>

AP compsci A</p>

AP english lit
AP english lang
AP BC calc
AP physics B
AP ush (self-study)</p>

AP chem
(and three post-AP classes, i swear im not a slacker hahah)</p>

<p>"puggly123, how did difficult did you find Environmental Science?"</p>

<p>I self-studied, but I thought the test was pretty easy. I just wish I had my score already for it. It's the #1 test I want a 5 on.</p>

<p>@woahwoah for us gov't, I used the Barron's book for review, which helped a lot...especially on the multiple choice part of the test.</p>

AP Computer Science
AP US Government</p>

<p>Junior (next year):
AP English Lang
AP Calculus AB/BC (my school lets us take both in the same year)
AP Chemistry
AP US History
AP Environmental Science (Self-study, possibly)</p>

<p>Senior (tentative):
AP English Lit
AP European History
AP Stat
AP Biology
and Calculus 3 & 4 at the community college</p>

<p>My school usually limits the number of AP classes that you can take to 4, but they've been more lenient lately.</p>

None </p>

AP Spanish Language
AP World History
AP Psych.
AP Environmental Science
AP Human geography</p>

AP English Language
AP US History
AP Spanish Literature
AP Economics
AP Government (US and Comp.)</p>

AP English Literature
AP Calculus AB
AP Bio/Physics?</p>

<p>Pretty tentative... Depends if I have to take PE or not.</p>

<p>Like some others, my school doesn't have many options open to students until junior/senior year. My APs were:</p>

Human Geography</p>

World History</p>

English Lang
U.S. History
Spanish Lang</p>

Calculus AB - course
Calculus BC - self study
Physics B - course
Physics C: Mech - self study
Physics C: E&M - self study
Stats - course
Biology - course
English Lit - course</p>

<p>You're not supposed to be able to take both Calc AB and BC in the same year, but my school had some AP incentive contract and to get money for that we had to take the AP test for the course we enrolled for, so I took AB on the normal date and BC on the makeup day. Same with Physics B and C.</p>

<p>You're not allowed to do AB and BC the same year, even if you want to take the make-up. Physics you can do, but not Calculus, as far as I know.</p>

Ap Human Geography- ss
Ap Environmental Sciecne-ss
Ap Physcholoy-ss</p>

Ap Us history-class
Ap Cal AB-class
Ap Chem-class
Ap Lang-class
Ap stat-ss</p>

AP French Lang- class
Ap Lit- class
Ap Calc BC- class
Ap Bio- class</p>

<p>So I will have taken 12 by the time i'm done :P ....I'm afraid it's a bit too much though...2</p>

<p>Freshman: AP HuGeo, AP World (waiting for scores D:<)
Sophomore: AP Euro, AP Lang
Junior: APUSH, AP Lit
Senior: AP Calc BC on FLVS (Florida resident, and I don't have room on my schedule for it because of IB :D)</p>


<p>That's what I thought too. Really there is no point in taking both in the same year, since BC is like 70-80% AB material. That's why they schedule both at the same time. I wanted to take the BC instead because I still get an AB subscore, but my counselor told me no that I had to take it late because she already ordered the tests. What my counselor did was she looked at the roster for the Calc AB class and put us all down for the AB test, even though some of us were taking BC. I didn't want to take both, but that's how it ended up. I think someone else posted that they took both as well.</p>