Most bike-friendly (T75) colleges/universities?

Schools with big, suburban campuses usually are very bike friendly.


<p>This is a gross over generalization. Some "big, suburban campuses" are not at all bike friendly. SUNY University at Buffalo's North Campus is a prime example of a big, suburban campus that is the antithesis of a "bike friendly, big suburban campus": It's academic spine has few bike racks and no real bike paths; the spine is then surrounded by a sea of parking lots, which are in turn surrounded by major four lane highways on three (maybe all four) sides.</p>

<p>(And UB's North Campus is <em>suburban</em> not urban!)</p>

<p>Agree that UIUC is very bike friendly, but you need both a great lock and a not-so-great bike if you don't want to worry about theft.</p>

<p>Southwestern in TX advertises their bike program. The college provides bikes that the students hop on to go to class and then pass on to other students.</p>

<p>UC Davis, Indiana University, Purdue.</p>

<p>Cal Poly SLO. San Luis Obispo is a very bike friendly city. My sister lives there without a car and absolutely loves it.</p>

<p>Definitely Davis. Bikes seem to have the right of way over anyone else, and there are just so many of them.</p>

<p>If you're at a stop sign, and you see a bike coming, they will be riding in the bike lane (where they'd normally stop at a stop sign), but they'll just go right in front of you through the crosswalk.</p>