Musical Theatre Minor?

Like yours, my daughter started to express doubts about a career in theater as she approached the college application season. She decided to go through the college audition process…but also applied to another set of top schools for an academic major that she was really interested in. She didn’t want to have regrets, and she wanted to see if she was actually “good enough” to get into some top MT programs.

She was very successful and ultimately got accepted into 5 great programs for MT. But she HATED the audition process and it really solidified her feelings that theater is not the life for her. She is happily pursuing another major and has absolutely no regrets. She is glad she went through the audition process and got accepted, because this was HER choice and she could have easily attended one of those five programs. It’s not like she wasn’t good enough. She just followed another path.

Honestly, it was harder on my husband and me when she changed her focus. As parents, we get so invested in the idea of our kids being on stage and, like you said, we want to support the dream they have from a young age. But now that she’s grown up, she has another dream! And it’s going to be just as fabulous.

Does your daughter have any other major/career in mind? Maybe she could start by asking, “Why do I love theater?” and then figuring out what other path might bring that same sense of satisfaction.

I wish you the best! And I know everything will work out for your daughter.

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