Must decide TODAY - CMC vs WashU

I say this - because my daughter has gotten countless replies (she applied to 21) - today was U Denver, saying they did not get our deposit by 5/1 and have cancelled her app.

That she had already cancelled her app is an oversight on their part but.

FSU sent a similar note the other day although my daughter had cancelled and got her housing check today.

We are talking about elite schools on this list and we’re now 6 days into the month. So either the OP has already lost his spot everywhere and doesn’t realize it - or we’re being toyed with. Perhaps I’m being cynical and I shouldn’t be…but it doesn’t add up.

Alternatively, based on this 278 post thtead, colleges are getting creative managing enrollments.

Unless there is something OP is not sharing, I personally doubt all these colleges are in play a week after commitment dates.

I don’t understand how you can say this with the little information we all have. The OP had the opportunity to commit to CMC, but chose not to. Instead they decided to SIR at Wash U. They OP has yet to explain why.


For all we know, OP might have asked for extra time to decide. Regardless the reasons of why he has/had extra time he’s looking for help in making a major decision in a disappointing/frustrating moment in his life. The extra anxiety piled onto this years college application process, combines with a total loss of senior year makes it extremely hard on these kids to think rationally and see a brighter future. Add to that, OP is likely a high achieving kid and that comes with it’s own set of anxiety in a normal year.
@sadgiraffe you’re going to be amazing and successful wherever you decide to go. The fact that you’ve made it so far tells me just that, my hope for you is that you find peace sooner rather than later. They’re all great choices, sometimes we forget how lucky we are to even have a choice!
Congratulations and good luck!

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I don’t think a computer glitch at Purdue is relevant here as the OP is only considering private colleges, many of whom use consultants to manage enrollments. If the consultants say you can still play around with the last 5 or 10 slots and meet your admissions and financial aid goals, guess what, those spots are still open.

“I don’t understand how you can say this with the little information we all have.”

The OP clearly said CMC was a better fit, St. Louis sucks (their words) and then went on to commit to WashU. I have no idea why, but if I could understand 18 year-olds, I’d write a few books on it and change my job. :slight_smile:

Given the OP is not that thrilled with WashU, if CMC even if a Math major would be better, because OP would be happier. From there OP can figure out to take CS or Data Science classes at the other CMCs.

This is a moderated site, so a teenager’s opinion is usually much worse than what they’re saying here. To them it’s an overrated city in a state with very concerning politics.

“What about WashU?”

I’d think you’re better off at CMC or even USC CS.

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The problem really is that the OP isn’t happy with ANY of their acceptances and is already talking transfer.

given this, what do you think I should do? If there’s anything to do? While I’m NOT going to cllege hoping to transfer, would it be comparable transferring out of CMC as to WashU?

This is going to sound like a cop out, but I think you need to figure out what makes you happy. I can give you a clue…it’s not about the school you go to.

Beyond that, pick the one that you think you’d enjoy most that will unlock the most opportunity for what you want out of a career. Those might be at odds with one and other.

Also, you still haven’t addressed why you signed with Wash U. That’s important context for anyone to advise you.

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I signed with WashU because, I wanted to secure my spot somewhere. It’s academically the strongest and most flexible out of the 3 schools (in general), and not too big like USC or smaller with tons of California kids (I was hoping to initially go to an east coast city) like CMC. It seemed like a good compromise. But the school doesn’t really excite me, and the social scene/location may genuinely not be a good fit: I just don’t know. Furthermore, the non-premed STEM programs aren’t the stronger nor is the career advising.

I’m willing to give WashU a try if it makes sense, but the doors are still open at the other 2 schools for now…

I will also, USC has the best network/most possibilities, it also excites me the most. But, going to such a big place I really don’t know if I’ll fall through the cracks or not, or be able to take advantage of all it offers.

Could be quite possible OP made deposits to all 3 schools of interest. I know it’s unethical but we don’t know the reasons.

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You are at WUSTL. It’s fantastic, you will find your people, you will have access to wonderful career opportunities and it’s likely the only door still open. Just because the others have not shut down the websites yet…if you call you will find out they are done. You will withdraw from WUSTL and find yourself school less

Your issue is…and I’m guessing you do this on all decision…all your analysis has led to paralysis. You made a decision. A great decision. Go with it.

You need to get your head around the positives.

This is like choosing between, if you watch football, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes. All are great, fantastic, top of the world choices. Yet you are trying to denigrate one to a back up role.

The issue here is not finding the right college. It’s your belief in yourself and ability to find happiness. It almost seems like you are looking for flaws instead of the awesome opportunity that awaits.


I don’t have a lot of experience in this realm, but an interesting anecdote. One of my patients will graduate with a BS/MS in engineering from Wash U in 4 years, has significant research experience, and a job offer in hand.

One of my other patients was the manager of one of the most ambitious NASA programs of all time. He flatly said it doesn’t matter where engineers go to school. He even dissuaded my son from undergrad at Caltech, a school he taught at.

You have to take rankings with a HUGE grain of salt. They aren’t based on anything objective.

Your success is already baked into the cake with your previous success. Don’t get too caught up on picking the “best” school because it’s largely about what you do wherever you go. That is what will determine your success. Go with your gut and charge forward.

If USC excites you the most, I personally believe it offers the best conduit to Silicon Valley of your short list. You just have to be content with the size. As I’ve said before, NO school is perfect. It’s a matter of picking the best balance of what is important to you.

Good luck!


Although USC is large, it really doesn’t feel that big. It is a beautiful, fairly compact campus that feels much smaller than it is – and I believe it is fairly easy to make it “feel small” by choice of dorms, major, clubs, etc.

I also have heard that it is pretty straightforward to switch from non-CS to CS, if that is something that you want. USC doesn’t have the stringent barriers to switching to CS that a lot of other schools have. Not sure about switching to engineering, though.

If this appeals to you, and if you truly still have the option to enroll there, then it may be worth investigating. If it seems like the best match, I would not let its size deter you.

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Yeah, there’s not a four year pathway to engineering. I looked on LinkedIn and it looks like 44 CMC alumni with “Computer Science” as a keyword search worked at Claremont McKenna. Out of 44, 72% worked at Microsoft and 29% worked at Google. For WashU, it looks like 644 alumni with “Computer Science” as a keyword search worked at Washington University in St. Louis. Out of 644, 99% worked at West Coast companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple. So, WUSTL has a better sample size and perfectly good outcomes if OP wants to switch to CS, plus it has better opportunities for switching to engineering. And, although I know this isn’t as much on OP’s radar, it opens up opportunities for companies outside of the West Coast, like Boeing.


I know several people here in FL that represent U Wash at college fairs. They are so happy with their UG experience. You have great choices. Personally, I’d give the Midwest a chance.


That’s IMPRESSIVE! Maybe Wash U IS the answer. :+1:


I’m sure there’s more that graduate with the degree without working at the university, but that was my way of guessing which graduates hustled and really took advantage of their opportunities while at college. So it’s another thing to take with a grain of salt. But it was encouraging results and I hope it makes OP feel good about the decision to SIR at WUSTL, if this is seen.

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If you do the same thing for USC, you get over 38K alumni with CS in the search, of which 1800 work at Amazon or AWS, so USC has more in one company than WUSTL overall.

If the OP want’s a job in silicon valley or high tech in CS or engineering, the best school among the ones being considered is USC, I’m not even sure there’s a close second, even everyone’s favorite and beloved WUSTL. Also according to L/I, Boeing has more employees from USC than WUSTL.

I think the OP long left the thread without updating us.

But OP SIR’d to WUSTL. I was hoping to make them feel better about the decision. But it looks like OP abandoned the thread.