My career advisor doesn't like to waste his time with people like I...



<p>You need to network. Not on CC, though.</p>

<p>galoisien, I'm afraid I don't have the social skills required to network.</p>

<p>This is probably where an older person's advice is more useful, because I am going to say, "get them" (and an adult will probably have more constructive suggestions) -- but I know what it's like to be shy, timid or awkward. To me, college is a way to release all that (actually meeting one's intellectual equals). I mean, what use was a top 40 education when you never hooked up with a professor to recommend you for things, or hooked up with friends that would help you through life? You can get a good math education anywhere, but it's the peer support that's the thing. You have to overcome it. Since it's a matter of your bread and butter, just look past the fact that (you think!) you sound awkward -- it won't go away if you don't practice. I'm an absolute stutter freak over the phone. </p>

<p>If you don't have the social skills required to network, you won't have the social skills at an interview, or to be in a meaningful and fulfilling job where you have to work with people. Why do you concede the fight so easily?</p>

<p>Moire is a CC-legend</p>