My CCC (Berkeley City College) still has not sent IGETC

I asked to have my transcripts and IGETC sent on the 7th of June. UCB has a deadline of July 1st for transcripts and July 15th for IGETC.

I went to follow up with my school and was told that my IGETC still wasn’t even in the pending stage and that they had a lot of others to process (though she did note that there were still a number of them that were completed).

When I learned of this information, I took it upon myself to order electronic transcripts to be sent to UCB immediately and my schools system reported that they should have received it, yet calcentral remains un-updated for days.

My question is, what happens if my school is late sending my information over to UCB? What’s my next step here, it’s almost completely out of my hands and I’m not sure who I can talk to about this.

You should have received a receipt of some sort when you ordered your transcript. Send an email with that attached to a counselor to protect yourself. (Personally…I would send it sooner than later so someone can read it it and add a footnote on your registrar’s profile that your transcript has been “verified sent.”)

The new Calcentral system is very cumbersome right now since everyone is still learning it so I expect the administration to be reasonably lenient with stuff like this this year.

I ordered them online and the only type of receipt I have here is an email from the system with an order number for the transcripts.

They’ll be completed in time. The person (people?) who handles them at BCC knows the deadline(s). The dates aren’t hard dates - like you won’t be rescinded if they come in late, just be sure you’ve submitted everything.

CalCentral won’t show you anything Cal recieved for a while, even if they recieved your transcripts/IGETC. Sit tight, it’ll be fine.