My parents won't pay for college

It is a moot point and I agree with your comment 100%…but just to clarify the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham campus is in Manhattan and Fordham in the Bronx is in a decent area right by Arthur Avenue (my S went there).

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Oh yes, I forget about the Lincoln Center campus. I should have be more clear that the Bronx is very different from Manhattan.

I live in SE FL. I know many families that don’t wish their daughters or sons to leave the state. My physical therapist, for example, could go a few hours from home, but was living with her cousin. I have seen this pattern with Latino families and others, so I don’t think it’s just cultural, but a family value

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Can you answer why your parents want you to stay in TX, Is it due to cost?
How much are the willing to contribute for a TX school. At UT you are looking at about 29k per yr, are the willing to pay that?