My school uses averages...hows that gonna work?

thats definitely true. but i included it because its the only mechanism i have found for gauging and comparing canadian avgs with US gpas. well, i hope the system the colleges use is somewhat similar.... anyone have ideas about this?


<p>I was going to suggest this earlier, but the speculative quality of it deterred me: I think the LSAC's GPA scale is an accurate mechanism for determing a GPA that works across multiple universities. Since so many universities already use it, converting your GPA to that scale should give you a semblance of where you stand.</p>

<p>Usingthe LSAC calculator, do u think we should convert our overall avg or convert each individual mark. It makes a bigger difference than you would imagine. Basically, if you are consistently getting marks in the lower end of a grade, its gonna damage ure overall.</p>