my school won't let me self study aps

ugh in the school i go to, they won’t let me take ap tests for self studied subjects except for classes that I’m taking as aps. i was going to self study some aps this summer though…any ideas what to do

Find another local school that will order the exam for you.

Why do you want to self study AP’s? How many will you be taking as a class? How many have you taken so far?

If you are going to self-study some AP subjects this summer, limit yourself to 2. It’s going to be hard to maintain that knowledge over the duration of the school year from August to May, especially if you’re taking APs at your school already. Remember to repeatedly test and prep yourself, not only in the spring but also in the winter and fall.

You can take them at a different school. Get on to the College Board website, look for testing centers in your area, and sign up. Easy peasy. Doing well on the exam through self study, less easy peasy.

I agree, limit yourself to one, or at the very most, two.

Remember, after about 6 AP courses, diminishing returns kick in, be they for admissions consideration or number of credits that you can apply. Having more APs does not mean that you win the race.