My two UNC Chapel Hill Essays:

<p>My hook (hopefully they like it) is that I'm a liberal activist from the third most Republican state in the country. I know my SAT doesn't set me apart but hopefully I've done enough and written quality enough essays to at least get a second look.</p>

<p>I dont want to discourage you. I will just say my D. had exceptional grades, and activities including volunteer activities and they told her the best supplemental material they had seen and a strong art hook..
she got waitlisted. They did tell her she would have been in, instate..
Regardless she is happy where she landed and so am I.
I think you will really have to overwhelm them with something.
I do know that one boy with much less academic credentials than her got in BUT he had a major hook..he was an exceptional athlete...</p>

<p>PS when they mentioned where the boy was going in the paper..he said he had no intentions of graduating there..and couldnt play with either due to an athletic injury</p>

<p>Yeah, I put my chances somewhere around 10-15% at best. You never know, though. Just holding out hope. </p>

<p>PS, where are you from? I'm also hoping that even though I'm out of state, the fact that I'm from Idaho will help me. I mean, how many apps do they get from here, every year? Can't be too many, I hope.</p>

<p>The second essay was good, but it fades towards the end. In the last sentence, you are kind of vague. Ending on a high note is really important, so you might want to reword those last few sentences.</p>

<p>Sadly I think they count the SAT's more than the essay so definately take the tests again and a prep course. Your scores would be fine for instate but for out of state ..they need to be beefed up..sorry.</p>

<p>Well, I already applied EA. If they won't look past the 1300, then I don't really need to go there, is my feeling about it.</p>