My University Chances

Transfer credits can be a real pain. I know this from my own college years and also from working with advisees who were transfer students.

I’ve had many students who came in with an AA degree and just finished out their last two years. Then again, they weren’t looking for a traditional first year college experience and you may be.

Good luck! You sound like a great candidate and there are so many good options in NC.

Wow, that’s awesome!
That shows great foresight and your ability to handle a solid, rigorous, college-level schedule
Are you scheduled for Spanish, more psychology, and sociology classes? Perhaps further statistics?
Do you have a good relationship with any professor who might want you to be a research assistant or helper in any way?

For your career path, you’ll need grad school. And for grad school you’ll need a lot of research experience, volunteer hours, excellent recommendations by professors who know you. A full resume that’ll take 3 years to complete (your grad school application will need to go out by Dec 1st senior year so these 3 years will be very full.