Myspace or Facebook?

<p>Facebook. Never had a myspace.</p>

<p>Facebook all the way. Its more for the mature (college) crowd. It has substance.</p>

<p>MySpace is too flashy, annoying to the eyes (and sometimes ears), takes hours to set up, etc...</p>

<p>I was a myspace addict..but thankfully due to rehab I have finally overcome my addiction..naw i'm just kidding but now that I have facebook, suddenly myspace has become so lame that I don't even feel the need to check it</p>

<p>I prefer Facebook, but my college has never quite moved itself over there. We started with just MySpace and the transition hasn't really worked out.</p>

<p>MySpace has a lot of privacy options, too -- people just stupidly choose not to use them.</p>

<p>Goodusername is absolutely right.</p>

<p>Using this new fangled Internet for community purposes is evil.</p>


<p>Interesting...<a href=""&gt;;/a> think you guys just proved her thesis.</p>

<p>Talk about copious amounts of absurd extrapolation. I wouldn't buy most of the schlock mentioned in that article if my life depended on it.</p>

<p>I use both, but like Facebook better.</p>

<p>Facebook > Myspace. Never had a Myspace and never will.</p>

<p>Be glad you never did. I had one, back in the day, but deleted after I realized how retarded it was.</p>