Need help on UCSD TAG ASAP!

<p>So it says on the TAG that you must finish the 2 UC English requirements by the end of this quarter. I'm assuming this means IGETC Area 1- English: Groups A & B?</p>

<p>I've already completed my English 1A, but I was planning to take 1B this winter because of the scheduling. And also because my counselor said it would be alright.</p>

<p>Do I have to complete English 1B (Group B) by this term? Because if so, I'm screwed.</p>

<p>But I went to the transfer center, and the person there said I just need to finish 1B by the time I transfer? I don't know. I'm really confused at this point. Any help would be great.</p>

<p>Yes, you must complete English 1A, English 1B, and a transferable Math by the end of Fall 2011 to qualify for TAG with UCSD.</p>

<p>Then what was my counselors talking about!?!? This is BS. I need to talk to them again.</p>

<p>All you have to do is read the TAG agreement on the UCSD website. It details very clearly what needs to be completed and when. Don't rely on CC counselors, as they are frequently wrong. About, like, everything.</p>

<p>Anyway, straight from the horse's mouth:
"Both of the UC English courses and the UC math course must be completed by the end of Fall 2011, prior to Fall 2012 admission."</p>

<p>Reference: Transfer</a> Admission Guarantee: Fall 2012</p>